Che of Furla

Weeks back, I got my sister a bag from Furla. Okay, it was on sale (discounted) which was one reason I got it (cheapskate, I know). Before going there, I had called up to ask about the price range of the bags on sale and a pleasant, smiling voice answered me. When I got to the store, none of those present resembled the voice. They were nice, as well, but I was looking for the voice.

Before I concluded the transaction, a young lady smiled at me knowingly. I asked if she had taken my call and she said yes. I asked for her name: Che, she said.

Last week, feeling a tad depressed, or maybe very much depressed because of my pressure sore that had rendered me under house arrest (the arresting officer being HHB who attends to me) and a frozen shoulder and a painful arm, with a pimple on my nose as bonus (horrors! When it rains it pours). I wondered how to cheer myself up. I googled Furla bags because of my positive experience there, and then then thought of calling up the store to ask how much what I liked in the Internet was. Luckily for me, Che answered again and she patiently answered my questions. She told me to check out particular models so she could tell me how much they cost and if they were being sold at a discount. In some stores or with some sales personnel, you’d just be told to come over so you could choose. But Che was different.

My first choice cost more than I wanted to spend, so I scrapped the idea. But then I felt I needed cheering up. An orange bag might do the trick, I thought. Or maybe a yellow one?

I settled on getting a yellow bag and Che agreed to reserve it for me. As a rule, a bag on sale may be reserved for just a day but she agreed to reserve it for me till the weekend when I said I’d be able to pick it up. As it happened, I wasn’t able to because I was not up to it, but I did ask husband to get it.

When husband came home with the bag, I found the color to be a nice, happy,  not neon, yellow.

Tonight, a week later, I dropped by at Furla to thank Che. She promised to text me the next time they have a sale. Before that, she showed me a bag just put on sale today. It was red and nicely constructed. Had I not bought the yellow bag, I’d have gotten this red one, though not for the color, but for its design/functionality.

My mother never liked red and I guess that explains why I am not too excited to get a red anything.

I think this was the red bag Che showed me before we left the store tonight:

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.56.00 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.56.14 PM

Nice, right?

TPS: Screen shots of the one I got. If there’s one thing that disappointed me it was the color of the lining. So dark:

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.00.22 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.00.06 AM Actually, there’s an option not to close the zipper of the bag; there’s a snap inside; but the bag when closed using the snap looks a bit awkward because the portion of the bag, the sides that come out, look alanganin – not big enough.


4 thoughts on “Che of Furla

  1. Re HHs, sometimes I want to ask them “Who’s paying here?” when they start to seemingly boss me around. Re her conscientiousness in maintaining my sore, I really appreciate it though at times I also wonder if it’s because she doesn’t want to wheel me – there have been instances she’d say it’s drizzling when I say let’s go to Rustan’s. Then I ask husband who tells me, “it’s not drizzling.”

    As for the lining, thanks for the suggestion. Ang galing mo talaga. KS bags don’t have that problem, they are always light colored. Furla I guess is concerned with aesthetics – according to Che, they match the lining with the leather component or something.

  2. Picture nung yellow?

    I hope okay na yung pressure sores mo. You really have to take care of them kasi I’ve seen some during my internship na napabayaan.

    • Oo nga, no? You’re a PT. Sigh. Hay, they’re worrisome sometimes, I’ve had two surgeries for two different ones already. Can be depressing then one reads online that one isn’t alone. But it sometimes makes me want to hibernate out of fear it would worsen. I pray a lot for it. Sige, I’ll post a picture of the yellow bag. Live or screen shot? hahaha.

      • Buti na lang your HH is conscientious in really making you stay home. (off-topic: HHs can be pretty bossy at times, ano?) Regular inspection, treatment, and preventive maintenance talaga ang kailangan sa pressure sores.

        Re bag, it’s so happy looking, though I would agree with you about the lining. Ang hirap maghanap ng gamit sa loob pag dark ang lining. Maybe you can attach a small LED light, like the one you gave us, sa inside zipper pull for mas madaling makita loob.

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