Delivery vignettes

Years ago, I sent a good friend a St. Ignatius calendar that was truly beautiful for Christmas. WHile JRS promised one-day delivery, a day passed, two days, and friend hadn’t yet gotten the calendar. I followed up with JRS. They said someone had received it. But the name they told me wasn’t my friend’s. He lives alone. Apparently, they had delivered it to the wrong house but managed to recover it. Oh boy. What if I had had something precious like diamonds delivered? Joke.


In contrast, just this week, I tried ABest. I wasn’t rushing about the packages I sent as my niece’s birthday is  tomorrow yet, the other was a more or less get well/feel better present (though I forgot to indicate so, TPS). Day after Glenda (I had sent the package the day before Glenda), an ABest rep came to the house and asked for the phone number of the birthday girl. I gave it (as noted in my phone book) then asked my niece for good measure if I had given the right number. She gave me her new number. (Ayayay).

I immediately called ABest using my cell phone but the guy couldn’t hear me (Globe has its moments in this room where I am – when audio is imperceptible  – from my or the other party’s end). So I just ended the conversation. Why didn’t I used the landline? No power that day ergo our plugged land line didn’t work.

Yesterday, I called Abest on the land line and gave the new number. Fortunately, the guy who took my call wasn’t irate. Late in the afternoon, my niece put a picture of my present on her FB page (wait I’ll screen grab it – shhh, don’t tell her, but it’s so pretty so I can’t resist:

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 12.40.38 PM

I said I”m glad it got to you.

She then sent a private message. Do I copy that too?

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 12.42.20 PM

Translation: ABest called during lunch because they don’t know where my place is; I picked up the package from their office.


Luckily for ABest, ,my niece is young and not churlish like the aunt, me, who’d have given them a sermon about having been paid to do a door to door thing and not a door to office thing, their office, mind you.

But deep down, I’m happy they were honest about it rather than dropping it off anywhere to anyone.

My niece also assured me it was fine as it was along the way; she was headed for Robinson’s after lunch.

Will I use ABest again? I think so. Birth pangs where I am concerned. Besides there’s the convenience of having the package picked up at home plus their rate is so much lower than JRS’s.


Thanks TPS for telling me about ABest.

2 thoughts on “Delivery vignettes

  1. It did make me feel better. Nothing like sweets in making one feel better, right?
    Ako rin, will still probably use Abest, though I would appreciate it if they send me the tracking number when I text them. Twice na that I asked for tracking numbers via mobile and deadma lang sila.

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