Panlasang PInoy

It’s one of my favorite websites for FIlipino food. The other day, I thought to prepare a medyo healthy dinner for the household consisting of fish and prawns. As we still had tanguigue, I looked for and found this recipe.

The prawn HHA just cooked in garlic, onions and Mountain Dew. Then as I found a recipe for bagoong rice in PL’s website, I also asked her to prepare it.

We no longer have bottled bagoong so HHA suggested we use the dried bagoong powder from Bacolod.

Our dinner was so satisfying but for the absence of son who suddenly decided to sleep in Makati as the rain had poured hard and traffic was so bad it took him two hours from his workplace to the studio.


Last night, son was definitely coming home so I had HHA buy tanguigue from Rustan’s and we had a semi-healthy dinner that consisted of a repeat of the above dish, Kobe style-steak form The Food Bin (One portion only), and tahong with melted cheese.

I guess son’s taste buds are uber developed, he noticed that the manner of preparation of the fish and steak were similar. For the fish, we followed the above recipe, but for the steak, HHA merely put salt and pepper on the beef and topped it with a tbsp or so of the suggested butter-garlic mixture used in the fish.

Admittedly, the steak was a bit too small for the three of us (it’s expensive at P600 plus each). So this was how things went: son got a portion, I got mine. As usual the ever distracted husband hadn’t yet gotten when I told son, get more steak (I also wanted but well, I knew son wanted more so I refrained from doing so). Son said “Papa hasn’t gotten his share yet.” Fortunately for son, husband heard and got his portion, leaving some steak on the serving dish. Husband also got tahong and fish. Son then asked his father if he wanted more steak. When husband said no, son got the remainder and put it on his plate.

Oh yes, we also had the leftover mashed potato from Cafe Adriatico from several days ago. Luckily it was still good.

So there, don’t hesitate to try the above recipe, or at the very least, the garlic-butter thingy. It’s so convenient to have and tastes really, really good.

Thanks, panlasang pinoy!

Note: though the first time we made the fish recipe we only had one slice to use the butter thingy on, I had HHA prepare the entire 1/2 cup butter mixture, confident I’d be able to use the same days afterward provided I refrigerated it. That’s my tip for the day. Don’t ask how long it will keep though.


2 thoughts on “Panlasang PInoy

  1. Ita-try ko ito. Seems easy to cook. Feeling ko eh nagsasawa na sila sa mga prito-prito and nilaga ko. Yun lang kasi madaling lutuin when I’m swamped with work. Dapat siguro I prepare ulam pag weekend, freeze them per meal, then reheat na lang para di ako naha-harass pag weekdays. Wala pa rin kaming HH. 😦

    • Yes, do try it. HHA who usually takes an eternity to cook our meals did this in record time. As for cooking during weekends so you’re not harassed on weekdays, do that. A friend who was based in Singapore would cook and freeze two weeks’ worth of food and freeze them so when she went home to the Philippines her husband would just heat food from the freezer.

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