It is what sells…

but is that all that matters?

I’m talking about Player G from the Blue School. He used to be from the Green School but transferred to the Blue School because he would hardly have playing time in the Green School.

Today, , he played against the GS as a player of the BS and played so well he became Player of the Game.

As always happens, the coach of the winning team (CBS) and the player of the game (POTG) were interviewed by the sports anchors. CBS was interviewed first and I don’t recall now if the anchors asked him about how POTG felt about the victory of the BS versus the GS. Regardless, coach was mouthing sentence after sentence about this.

Then the anchors shifted their attention to POTG. And they asked him how it felt to play and win against his former alma mater. I pitied POTG who didn’t seem to know what to say. I guess he is so well mannered he didn’t want to malign his former school, so spoke scantily. The anchors were pushing him to say something that would put the GS in a bad light for letting POTG go, but POTG was near speechless.

The anchors were probably frustrated that their sowing seeds of intrigue didn’t bear fruit.

Mercifully, their frustration or the heavens caused the anchors to stop the interview before ong. I was so relieved for POTG and felt some sense of schadenfreude for the anchors and the coach. Why put words into POTG’s mouth?

Son said in reaction to my question – it’s a business; it’s what sells.

But should media succumb to such petty maneuverings for those reasons? I don’t buy it.

Found this article where Gotladera said he just want the team to win, no personal agenda whatsoever. I believe him.



4 thoughts on “It is what sells…

    • The one in blue is the one who was being interviewed and didn’t fall for the bait to malign his former school. The one in green… hahaha, he claims it wasn’t intentional and they’re friends.

      Wow interested ka na rin sa UAAP beyond cheer dancing ha? Torn between (among) three schools ka.

      Hoping to find the video of the interview I wrote about, no luck still.

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