Gyukaku in East Wing Shangrila Mall, M/L

My sister told me about this resto, I saw a photo of it in her son’s FB. I had never seen it until husband and I went there with son last Saturday.

No wonder we hadn’t seen it – it’s near the steps from the old wing to the new wing of Shang, across Morelli. Beside it is the new CPK resto that has yet to open, both restos owned by the same Rodriguez group.

We almost didn’t eat here, to protest its inaccesibility to PWD’s. Look:

photo 3-5Apparently who ever designed it doesn’t believe in “oro, plata, mata” either.

True, there are but three steps, but even two steps are a decided deterrent to someone in a wheelchair.  In my case, I cannot speak for all PWDs, I know I am  burden enough and would rather avoid circumstances where I become/impose an added burden – in this case having to be lifted up in my wheelchair up three steps. But the staff were friendly and said they would help us up and did.

There are two kinds of set menus for 3 to 4 persons. While initially we were thinking of the lower priced one, the lady who attended to us suggested the more expensive one as the cuts of meat for the latter, she said, were more special. Said set menu has generous portions so that I, an avowed carnivore, gave up before all the beef had been consumed. I liked the gindara that came with the menu but there were too few slices of it; I wanted more. Nonetheless, even its sweetish sauce made me scoop up some to flavor the bibimbap more. There wasn’t enough of the bibimbap either. I asked the two men if we should order another bowl, they said no. I didn’t push it though I wanted to. I reasoned to myself that maybe I was eating too much and should avoid eating more rice?

Dessert was four servings of ice cream – black sesame and green tea; I think they had a flavor that was unavailable. Regardless, it was quite good.

Do we eat there again? Hmm… perhaps we shouldn’t until they put a ramp? Can we resist if they never do?

I have a funny feeling CPK will also have steps because aesthetically, they should being right beside each other. Bummer twice over should that transpire?




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