Jipan, Zap, Banana Leaf and then some

Jipan – bought our month or longer supply at Megamall because I had the Wheelmo, ergo I could transfer malls without having to contend with long faces. As I was about to pay, the cashier, Rinald, asked if I had a Zap card. I did but couldn’t find it in my wallet. He said it was all right, could he have my cell number? I gave it and he tinkered with some stuff and announced I gained P143 from the transaction. Yippee. Felt like getting a discount so I didn’t bother to show my PWD card. Anyway, as the breads I bought were a bit fancy, these were not entitled.

While waiting for the Wheelmo to come, Rinald told me that they will soon open a branch in Capitol Commons that will have a dining area. Now, that is a compelling reason for us to go to CC, I think?


From Megamall, went to Power Plant to look for a blouse I had almost gotten in Marks & Spencer Shang but decided against buying. In typical female fashion (as my father would say – women change their minds so often), I wanted it again. Alas, no size, so I settled for pants. Now the pants were rather long. Then I had a Eureka moment. As the pants weren’t being sold at a discounted price, I could have it altered for free in Alterations Plus c/o M&S. The girl said I should go to AP myself so I could be measured. I gave her the eye and said I couldn’t stand. Luckily HHB was resourceful, found a pair that was shorter and asked the girl in M&S to follow the length of that one. She took an eternity, I almost canceled the purchase.  My son will have to pick it up later as the girl said it would be ready in three hours; I did the groceries in two and had to go home: traffic and higher Wheelmo rate had I stayed to wait for the pants.


After M&S (the first time Monday to reserve the pants while she called other branches for the blouse), had lunch with C in Banana Leaf. Yummy roti with curry, nasi goreng, clams, hainanese chicken. Girl suggested prawns instead of clams but same sauce. Opted for clams still. Oh and for dessert that square thing with a corn kernel on top. BL always satisfies. THing is though, when I checked Zap’s website when I got home, I realized BL also  is a partner establishment of ZAP. Had I known, I could have earned more points. Points can be used to pay for meals.  Next time.


C and I would have headed for M&S when I recalled having brought my humongous shades which Sabater in Shang said it couldn’t replace the lenses of. At Sarabia in P1 of Power Plant, the young lady, tall with long hair (C, do you remember her name), attended to me after the male technician who was so kind and soft spoken checked the size of the lenses. PL (pretty lady) explained that they could replace the lenses but the center would be a bit off, I might get a headache. She said the existing lenses were in fact a bit off center also. I said that wouldn’t be a problem as I don’t use my shades for long periods of time. She also asked what grade should be followed – the existing’s or my normal glasses. She said the latter had a lower grade. She was so nice and patient, telling me so many things that I promise, I won’t go back to the optical shop in Shang from now on.  My shades with the new lenses will be ready in  four days, fitted with thin lenses! Looking forward. Yes, she also told me I had three lens choices in terms of thickness, and asked what color I preferred for the lens. Very good service in Sarabia. Dare I say, the best?


Another shop in Power Plant that has very cordial staff is Pylones in R2. I bought two items and said, I actually have a third at home that I’m giving to the same person. Maybe I should have brought it but you might not re-wrap it for me? The girl attending to me said she’d give me packaging that can accommodate all three items. Nice of her, right?


At Rustan’s Marketplace, one is spoiled for choice. Were it not for the Wheelmo fee and traffic concerns, I’d have wanted to explore more. As it turned out, I forgot to buy some items, among them horseradish which son enjoys putting on steak or deli sausages. Speaking of horseradish, JM of Rustan’s Katipunan is a gem. Early yesterday morning, I called to ask if they had it. He said he’d check and call back. He said they had no more stock. Minutes later, he called and said he found a bottle selling at 50% off, due to expire 25 July. I said I’d get it. A little later, he called again. He found another brand expiring in January 2015. How persistent and dedicated, right? So each time I want to ask something in Rustan’s Katipunan, I look for JM or hope he answers. The number is 928 3119. I also asked him if they had smoked salmon. He checked and gave me its price without my having to ask him for it, ergo without him having to say yes and then, I’ll check (the price). Now that’s intelligence and efficiency combined.  When I see JM in Rustan’s, I always feel happy because he’s such a happy person. I even told him once that next time I’m feeling low, I’ll just go to Rustan’s and look for him. 🙂





4 thoughts on “Jipan, Zap, Banana Leaf and then some

  1. BTW, thanks for the Jipan bread and BL. Sarap! Both of them. And the barquillos, we were hoping to get ice cream to eat with it kaso baka mga post-Glenda stocks pa ang nasa stores, so kinakain na rin ngayon, haha!

    • Hay, if only ice cream doesn’t melt no? I got from Rustan’s earlier, no crystals naman which are usually indicative of melted then frozen ice cream. I miss the ube ice cream of son’s classmate and your contact’s daughter. wonder if they still make. Keep forgetting to ask.

  2. The pretty lady’s name is Jenny. 🙂

    That optical shop in Shangrila? Hay. Went there the other day to get contact lenses, grade of 200. The lady said “sige ma’am, 300.” That forced me to reiterate my order a bit louder “no, I said 200.” She came back “Ma’am 250.” I wanted to post nga in my FB, ang grado po ng mata ay hindi parang kape na pwedeng i-upsize, or hotel room or flight seat na pwedeng i-upgrade. Grrr.

    • Seriously? That really happened? Ay grabe, like you didn’t leave home? Parang nasa bahay ka lang with HH? My goodness. Ang lala.

      Thanks for remembering Jenny’s name. I was almost sure that’s what it was pero baka mali, so I described her na lang.

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