Glenda dislodged the dish, a misalignment occurred and we couldn’t get a signal. Luckily we also have a Destiny connection because the latter has sports channels not in Cignal and if you know my husband, he watches every show that has people competing using their brawns, hence the two providers in our household.

Destiny used to charge only P450 per month, the rate following its acquisition by Skycable has since gone up to P550. Son said it might go higher if they decide to install digiboxes. If that happens, we’ll have to rethink its retention here in the house.

Now for Cignal. Post Glenda we called its hotline to ask for service. The phone person told husband to expect three calls within the day. Three? Why? Don’t know because no call came. The next day, husband again complained. Nothing.

Then three days ago, I got a text message to the effect that we should email to get faster service of misaligned dishes. It also promised adjustment of fees due for days of missed service. Really? that would be great.

Yesterday, a call came saying a service crew would come today. They arrived at 10:40. It took them three hours to fix the problem. Why so? The dish’s position/angle is so critical apparently. Determining the right one takes a while, three hours in our case.

Hope everything will be fine and dandy so husband’s angst will go away.


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