Koreanovelas update

I’m watching quite a number now. The restful and heartwarming ones are:

Glorious Day

Fated to Love You (Korean)

Jang Bori


The following are a bit violent, but I’d rather watch them than series with immorality as prime theme:

Hotel King


The immoral one is Temptation. Unbelievable how couples expose themselves to situations that can lead to dalliances so needlessly when  they can well avoid these! i guess to live up to the title? Pity because most of the actors are okay. I’m not sure I’ll continue watching this.

As for Trot Singers and High School King, there are characters in them that are so annoying – acting wise or characterization wise that I might also stop watching the two series. In the Trot Singers it’s the female lead; in High School King it is also the female lead. The two female leads of the two series are opposites: the former is cocky, the latter is so without confidence she acts like she’s a bit intellectually challenged.

Funny because I was a bit annoyed by the male lead of Fated to Love You because he was a tad too over acting and his mouth was so big and his hair was so weird. But he has become lovable since so I’ll keep on watching. And I like the female lead of Fated. She’s tentative but has a really pure heart, but she can and does fight for the people she loves.


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