Chronic Liars and HHs

I had been looking forward to this day, Saturday, to go out and have breakfast with husband, son and HH even, after which son would go his way, husband and I would have a late lunch and then go to the studio where something would be installed. Last night, I even thought of what to wear and had HH prepare my pants and blouse, while I prepared my bag.

Then HHB said “wala na ta Lysol.” I said “Bakal (bili) ta buwas (bukas).” Her countenance changed.

So it wasn’t a complete surprise this morning when upon calling her when I woke up, HHA came in her stead with this horror story: at 2:00 a.m. HHB had the worst of stomach pains, an ulcer attack and nausea. She drank Plasil and Bentyl (I wonder where she sourced this as it has been phased out in the country). Then at 4:00 a.m., because her gut felt like it was being wrung out, she drank Buscopan Plus.

I said in the vernacular, “So I cannot go out, I cannot even bathe. Does she need to see a doctor?” Her answer, HHA’s, “Pasumpong-sumpong (intermittent).”

Soon after, without my calling HHB came in. She opened the door with the usual force – no matter how frequently I remind the maids to open the door gently lest anyone were asleep int he rom and would be awakened, they relentlessly open it roughly. IF HHB were really as sick and weak as HHA claimed she was, I doubt that she’d have turned the door knob so ferociously. And take note, HHB was walking straight and fast, not gingerly as a sick person would.

I guess she thought the news of her being sick would mean my going out of the house still sans her. But as husband will be watching the UAAP game this pm on TV after the new one is installed, that would mean four hours of me doing nothing in the studio, right? I get antsy when that happens and I’d rather stay home than suffer thus.

So I sternly told HHA after breakfast to prepare the lunch that we’d eat at 12 noon, not 12:30, not 1:00 pm, which is often the case. I was not smiling or feeling sweet at all.

A few minutes ago, husband went out of the room to load the rolling cart in the car to facilitate the loading of the old TV in the car later. Before long, he came back and was shaking his head. I asked, “Did you forget anything?” His reply was astonishing, he said HHB “loaded the cartilya in the car. By herself. Very strong.”

I guess HHB was hoping I would go out and leave her and HHA in peace here in the house. Now she knows her ruse can backfire. This isn’t the first time she has created one after finding out I’m bringing her when we go out.

Dr. C, are you open to wheeling me again? Joke. Can’t afford you.



6 thoughts on “Chronic Liars and HHs

  1. Of course! Anytime! Question is, are you open to my wheeling you again? Alam mo naman why I stopped driving ages ago, haha!

    About our HHs, wala akong pasensiya sa mga drama nila. Parang ayaw nila ng kapayapaan ‘no?

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