Booboos over the weekend

Ordered from Taste Central for the first time. Initially I tried to pay using Paypal although I was fretful about doing so as it is linked to my BDO credit card that has a credit limit of P10k (no, that’s not lacking a zero) and I have yet to pay my BDO bill of P2.9k. Thus, when after checking pay using PayPal and getting an “error in handshake” twice, I got my BPI e-credit card and proceeded to pay for my purchase in TC.

Then I checked my email – uh oh, PayPal had billed me. I checked my BPI account online – the same amount had been deducted from my credit limit.

What to do?

Emailed and called TC but it was close to midnight and the phone just kept ringing and my email remained unanswered.

Wonder how they’ll address my problem. Any idea?


My second booboo – oh heavens, I can’t remember. So for now forgetting what it was is my second.

Face palm.



4 thoughts on “Booboos over the weekend

    • Me too. I try not to think of it too much as to even dream about it though. Called up TC twice na nga eh, before and after BPI. Can’t wait for Thursday – by then I hope things will have been settled.

    • I called Taste Central and spoke to RB. Very patient naman, but I’ll have to wait for three days according to BPI to ensure that the bank won’t charge me for the same transaction. Sana hindi, daw RB said if that happens, they can do something about it. Thanks for the concern.

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