Customer Service Smiles

Got a call in my cell phone from a number I didn’t recognized. It was Bianca of Rustan’s Market Place. See, they have this promo whereby for every P2k purchase, one gets a FIBA-themed gift. When I last went, they didn’t have the ball pen on stock. That’s why she called today, to tell me they now have it.


After Duck & Buvette, we were in Marks & Spencer on the second floor when husband’s cell rang. He was told I had left my PWD card. He kept puzzling, “how do they know my number?” I had a feeling how but only told him when my thought was confirmed: my PWD card lists his number as the person to call in case of emergency. D&B personnel are efficient. Thanks for sparing me moments of anxiety – which would have resulted had I found my PWD ID card missing.



4 thoughts on “Customer Service Smiles

    • Just yesterday, S said, “the salesladies here [can’t remember the store in Greenbelt, or was it Glorietta] are so much nicer than those in Lee Plaza or Robinson’s Dumaguete.” Sensitive sya sa ganun. Ramdam na ramdam nya if cold or rude yung mga tindera and she feels unwelcome.

      • I can imagine – usually the younger ones are more sensitive and get their feelings hurt more easily, no? I guess it’s the training that makes the salesladies more amiable.

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