Duck & Buvette

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This is the Crispy potato pave & salty duck egg under the Bites section of the resto’s menu. Described as “cubes of fried potato layers topped with salty duck egg and creme fraiche” and priced at P175, it is my favorite among the items we ordered. In fact we ordered seconds of this.

D&B is  the resto that has replaced our favorite Cafe Provencal. Happily for us, a lot of the personnel are still around so eating there for the first time today felt like coming home.

We also ordered Maple candied bacon & lemon listed under Cured Meats. It’s sweetened bacon served with lemon which you drizzle over it to counter the sweetness of the dish. It’s quite good, but second only to the potato bites.

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Son ordered a fish dish: Pan seared heak with 3 grains risotto. I teased him that it would have just 3 grains ( a way of aping him because when he was much younger, I said I bought 3 socks. He innocently asked so one of the two didn’t have a pair?). The grains looked like champorado, being brown in color – I forgot to take a photo. The hake, a type of cod (he researched) had a clean taste. It was described in the menu as “served with creamy and tart beurre sauce with 3 grains risotto and micro vegetables.” Oops I didn’t see the veggies – must really have lived up to the tag “micro”.

The main course we all shared was this:


D&B crispy half duck confit – described as “house specialty of half duck confit served with whole grain mustard, reduced balsamic sauce, ratatouille duck rice and cranberry carrot sides.

We waited 30 minutes for this dish which son loved because he likes mustard very much, Dijon mustard to be exact. Husband was amazed at the tenderness of the duck and enjoyed the mustard as well. I am not a Dijon mustard fan, the balsamic sauce seemed to lack flavor, so I merely enjoyed the tenderness of the duck, the crisp duck skin underneath which I sensed some fat (oh joy). Perhaps I should have put some salt? Eating it with some carrots improved the flavor for me though. The rice was good. Note though that additional servings of the sauce cost (P30?) even as the dish is priced at P980.

Will we go back? Most certainly. There are so many other items in the menu I’m curious to try: the goat cheese ravioli, the crispy baby squid & kale chips, gnocchi escargot (though I might have to eat it alone? Son wasn’t amenable when I said – do we order?), grana padano cheese and Quezon wild honey, among a lot more. The diners in the table next to ours had a dish that reminded me of iced kacang except that it wasn’t dessert time yet. I asked the girl serving us what it was: salsa verde lamb neck.


Words of advice:

As of the present, they do not give melba toast and dip. Be sure to order appetizers as the dishes can take a while, which is good in the sense that it means they’re fresh, bad if you’re hungry and surly. One table complained about the promised time’s not being met, for example.

Second, if you eat there on a Sunday, do reserve a table. The place seems to be a favorite of families. When we got there before 12, many tables had already been reserved, likely by customers still hearing mass in the atrium.

Welcome back, Cafe Provencale, now D&B.


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