Amazing just delivered

If you’ve visited, you’ll know whereof I speak. When you cilck to load a page, you’ll see on your screen: “Hold your breath. Amazing coming your way.”

I found that tagline cute and novel, and today was truly amazed when the doorbell rang to reveal delivery of two items I had ordered from TC last Saturday. Oh wow. And in this bad weather at that. Yes, delivery arrived in less than 3 days. Actually we were expecting them to come Wednesday at  the earliest, Saturday and Sunday being non-business days.

I am impressed, TC.

Now if BPI e-credit doesn’t charge me for my purchase and only PayPal does, I’ll be patronizing TC, that’s for certain.

One of the items I got was a jewelry roll for my doctor-cousin. When she first mentioned it years back, I didn’t know what she was talking about. Then I think I found it in Flight 101 but was undecided. The kimono material of the one available in TC had me hooked. Pity the website refuses to load. Will post photos once it can be accessed. Perhaps Mercury is in retrograde: my photo of it taken with my cell phone refuses to be sent. Arrgh.


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