My husband is a busy person. So when I ask him to do something, I try to check when it’s most convenient for him.

Yesterday, I asked if he could get something from an office of someone within the same vicinity as his workplace. He didn’t commit.

At past 3 today, I asked if he could, he said yes. So I texted the person about my husband’s going to her office at 3:35. No answer.

When husband got to her workplace, she wasn’t there. But the people in her office tried to call her. No answer. I tried to call her, no answer.

I tried to call her again and she finally answered. She said she was at a meeting and could I just sent my husband to where she was? She couldn’t go down because it was raining; if it weren’t she said, she’d quickly go down.

Okay, that thing about the rain really got me. I said “It’s also raining where my husband is.” Then she started saying I should have told her beforehand that he was coming. I said I wasn’t sure he could go, etc.

She then started to be surly and said “okay, okay, I’ll go down, i”ll go down.” Several times.

Husband just came and she said to him that I hadn’t informed her about his going there.

Earlier, I told her I think he’s older than you besides. And when she saw husband, she was still whining.

I thought she’d be apologetic but well…

I hope I’ll never have to be in touch with her again.

I feel so cross:

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.53.45 PM



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