Buying stuff

A few weeks ago, we  thought of buying an LED TV – less power consumption and all that jazz. But from where? Lazada was an option, so were Abenson, SM Appliance, etc.

Then I remembered a former schoolmate’s store: Sights and Sound in Shangrila. Except that it’s no longer there as that side of Shang is undergoing renovation. Searched in Facebook and luckily, it had a FB page and the numbers were working.

Got a really good deal. 


Burger Company used to be Boulevard Diner and was then situated in Xavierville Avenue. Delivery was no problem, sometimes with the owner himself, ALvin Ong, bringing my order to the house. 

Then, they moved to Mother Ignacia. I did want to continue patronizing them but when I ordered through City Delivery, the additional charge for our house’s being beyond the 5 km radius was a bit steep, making me decide that was the last time.

A few days ago in FB, I saw BC was celebrating its first anniversary. Found out they’ve transferred delivery service to 2121212. The best part, out of range delivery charge extra is but P100 on top of the 12% normal charge.

As expected, burger quality was tops, though it did come 2 hours after the order was placed, as warned.

Happy Anniversary, Burger Company!


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