Buying Microsoft Office and MacAir

I got a MacBook Air last week and mulled over what software to use. I needed Word, badly, as I use it for work.

Husband who is tech savvy suggested I  buy Office online which  entitles one to 5 licenses for computers – ergo   if one has 5 laptops and/or PCs, each can have a copy and 5 gadgets – iPads, iPhones, etc. for the price of P3499 per year. Yes, one has to renew the software annually.

I did just that but have to use the 9 licenses. I think the software can be used for Mac or PCs.

The MacAir we ordered online through It arrived after about a week. When we tracked it on the day it was supposed to be delivered, we found out that it was released from the Pasig office of UPS at 1:46 pm. By 5:00 pm, it was nowhere in sight. Around 7, I was feeling so  disappointed and called UPS. The man who took my call said they delivered up till 10 pm. Around 8 pm the laptop arrived.

Happiness. I’ll try to keep it in mint condition, content wise. The main reason I bought it is that my MacBook Pro was going so slow, even if I would clear it of cookies once in a while. Possibly, my online activities (streaming of K-dramas via certain sources) was responsible? I had Kaspersky anti-virus installed in it but there would be programs that would surface that were password protected. Kaspersky couldn’t do anything about it and always came out with the message “no threats detected.”

Wish me luck that this laptop will not be plagued by whatever caused my Pro to slow down please.


Trivia – Cockroaches are a bane of our household and studio. Once, I texted son if he had put poison for the ipis. I use an iPhone and it spelled ipis thus: iPis. So son texted back, iPis is an Apple product. It was no fluke. If you have an iPhone, try typing ipis in the text box.


Oh, another practice I hope to keep in this laptop: not to load it with photos and music. The memory of the unit I got is the smallest available, that’s why. SO miserly, I know.



6 thoughts on “Buying Microsoft Office and MacAir

  1. The Kdrama site is the site I blame. Dramacrazy is more stable. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Yuck, your iPis experience is so like a horror movie! A nephew once posted on FB that he really chased and burned an iPis because he hated that it was flying around his room.

    Son dreads iPis. He calls HH to kill it for him. I asked, what if you see an iPis and the girlfriend is with you? He said he’ll have her kill it. How macho.

  2. I think it’s the Kdramas that did it. Ganyan din sa PC and laptop namin. Am thinking allocating one just for the shows, and others are for work. Ngayon ko lang nalaman yung iPis. Kadirs.

    I hate ipis. Hate them. Had two terrible run-ins with them that traumatized me. One was back in college when we had to dissect one. Di ko talaga kaya. I was almost willing to fail that class than to dissect one. My best friend dissected it for me. I owe her my college degree, well, at least passing that subject. The other one was when I was working in Parañaque and living in an apartment. Part of the ceiling collapsed one midnight and a swarm (I’m not exaggerating) of cockroached fell on me. I was asleep before then. Imagine waking up to a swarm of cockroaches. It’s like having a nightmare and waking up realizing that it’s real.

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