The downside of blogging

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 17.43.18I have experienced a few, largely due to ignorance. Mine. In each instance was the absence of malice.

The first I experienced was posting a photo of Cyma which I saw when I googled. I found out my mistake when I think I googled my blog name and a link to one of his posts came out. I promptly removed the photo.

Then months back, someone posted a comment re my answer to queries on a post regarding the procurement of birth certificates. While I tried to answer and hopefully succeeded sometimes, there were questions I was utterly clueless about. And she said why post when you just give the phone number of the Civil Registrar and say you don’t know the answer? To prevent similar incidents, I disabled comments on that ancient post and related ones.

More recently, I shared a post in FB. It was a jif that was really funny. The blog host emailed me saying the owner of the jif wrote them about my posting it. I promptly took down the post. I thought it was okay to share it like in FB because I did name my source. Ironically, WP forwarded the complaint of that group to me and I saw the signatory. I was amused — one of her aunts is my niece. But no, I didn’t sweat the small stuff. 

Finally, just last week, I got an angry comment in one post. Luckily, I moderate all comments so no one read it. The one who posted it was livid. I had copied her post with proper attribution, wrote a few paragraphs to complement her post. Still she was angry and said she’d complain to the blog host that ALL of my posts are copied. That comment almost drove me to stop blogging but then, I do enjoy doing it. Plus I’ve made a few friends from this exercise.

Oh well, win some, lose some.

From hereon in I will not post entire recipes but mere links to posts, but never from those two above. I’m just glad the likes of maangchi and panlasang pinoy haven’t threatened me for doing similar to them. It is not my intention to plagiarize which is why, in the first place, I name my source.

I think the last one who unsettled me is a lawyer, the second to the last threatened that they’d ask their lawyer to communicate with the blog host.

Image from Google images.


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