Chicken in a Pouch

Son usually brings lunch to work; he doesn’t fancy buying lunch every single day in Makati. In the past he’d bring salad every day, which was dismaying to a carnivore mom. Then he went throug he h a soup phase, a no rice phase, and now, alternating types of dishes.

Just now, he called to ask what his lunch was. One reason I think is he has this app in his phone where he lists what he eats and the app determines how many calories he has consumed. The other reason? He liked it.

I got the recipe from Betty Crocker, who emails me. Feeling close. I hope she doesn’t mind my sharing it with you in toto. Or will she also say the intro is not an excuse, that she’ll report me to the blog host and tell them all my posts are copied?

OH well, BC just might report me, so here instead is a link to the recipe which merited a thank you call from son today. To give you an idea even before you click the link, the recipe uses brown rice, chicken breast, frozen veggies and Sriracha. As is my wont, I didn’t use chicken breast but deboned thigh. And in lieu of lime, I opted for lemon. Take a peek at the recipe and get raves.


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