I was very young then when, I recall, the dad-doctor of my sister’s friend – he was with Philamlife – came to the house to check me up for insurance. I must have passed because years later, my mother was able to get a certain amount when the insurance matured.

Prior to my paralysis, a family friend was selling me insurance, I didn’t have money for the premium so I demurred. Had I taken one, I’d have gotten some amount when I became paralyzed. In my condition now, I doubt that any company will insure me, or if it does, I’m sure the premium will be really tough to pay. So that’s correct, I don’t have any insurance, life insurance that is. But I do have medical insurance care of my employed son and employed husband. (an aside: – years back, my sister was complaining to her agent that she kept paying for medical insurance but wasn’t “using” it. The agent chastised her, saying “You should be grateful you have no need to use it.” Well said.

Now for Travel insurance – back when I was still ambulant, at the airport, I’d see a desk with a person trying to sell travel insurance. But I never availed; it seemed fraudulent to me. At that time, I didn’t know anyone who bought travel insurance.

Then before we applied for our Schengen visa in 2009, we were told that travel insurance was a prerequisite, as early as the application for a visa stage. We got for husband and myself and the rates we paid were similar. NO deliberate attempt to delude the insurance company, but I didn’t mention my paralysis either; would they have charged differently?

At any rate, since then, except for the one time when I forgot, each time son travels, I get travel insurance for him. I thought the exercise morbid and used not to do it until a cousin disabused me of the thought. He also mentioned that even for travel within the Philippines, he would always get for his sons. His reason: travel insurance covers lost luggage, accommodations in case of flight cancellation, etc. I was convinced.

Until yesterday, I’d call an insurance company to get travel insurance. However, I felt unwelcome, somehow, maybe it was just me, because  the premium would usually be small, sometimes less than P500, or at most, less than a thousand pesos– hardly worth the time and energy of an agent, commission-wise. But I persisted until that insurance company passed me to another account executive who didn’t give me a call though his predecessor said he would call. That did it.

Yesterday, I got in touch with Blue Cross. Weeks back, I had begun calling BC and the person who took my call wasn’t that enthusiastic either. Luckily, I thought to ask my cousin how he would do it and he said his son would just get insurance online. So I called my BC contact who said she wasn’t aware how it was done online.

Yesterday, when I called, I vowed it would be the last time, I didn’t look for that person anymore. I spoke to the one who answered my call, who passed me to someone else when she learned I wanted to be guided in applying for insurance online, who then again passed me on to, was it Sheila? I hope I got the name right because she was such an angel, guiding me through the process. Reminded me of personnel in PLDT, yes PLDT, who’d help me go over how to reset the modem when I needed advice on the matter.

As for BC, if you want to purchase travel insurance online, here’s the first step. GO to, then click on the button that reads “Buy Travelsafe Insurance”, top right.Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.16.55


Note that after completing the procedure, a page comes out that has two buttons: “Continue” and something else. DO click on Continue because it will tell you whether you succeeded or not. I took it for granted that I had succeeded even when the message read I had failed – over optimistic? I realized it really meant I hadn’t succeeded when I got a second insurance, clicked on continue and got the message that I could view the policy, etc.

I paid using my BDO credit card – with the really low limit: P10k until I don’t know when; it’s now P15k. I began using it to buy stuff for Candy Crush so the card became more “active” and merited the credit increase, I guess. Shhhh…




7 thoughts on “Insurance

  1. There are several instruments now, like insurance-cum-investment with dividend payments, endowments, personal loans (loan equal to the amount of insurance), etc. I got a health insurance that entitles me to get the whole amount insured that I will have gotten at 60 if I get diagnosed with serious illness (knock on wood–I hope to get it at 60). Travel insurance also makes sense because it covers (I think) medical expenses. Imagine, someone we know got sick in France and was hospitalized for a week–good luck sa bills! Also, if you want life insurance, I was advised by a lawyer to just buy a piece of property because it comes with life insurance anyway, tapos may asset ka pa. 🙂

    • She plays Candy Crush? Hahaha, but I seriously try to restrain myself from buying. Nakaka-guilty.

      Glad you like the post. Son says, if you invest your money well, you don’t need to get insurance because the former gives higher returns. Medical insurance at the very least, I think, is good.

      • My former boss shares the same view as your son when it comes to insurance and investments. Medical insurance is good and practical, yet in all the major times I used mine, I was left feeling terrible — like they made me jump through very high hoops just to get what is rightfully mine.

        Dapat pala hindi ako nag-disable ng Candy Crush and pinapadalhan na lang kita ng candies.

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