A Productive Friday at Power Plant and then some

I had written a post about this, somehow highlighted it and everything went poof! I tried undoing the poof which deleted everything but for naught.

But last night, son said, “Ganda ng buhok mo,” making me decide to give credit to Rizza of Fabio Salsa on R3 in Power Plant.

I think I wrote about her from way back. She used to blow dry my hair nicely. But somehow, I stopped going to the salon in PP, trying out other salons until a year or so ago. By then, Rizza had become a stylist – she now cuts hair. Last Friday’s was my second time.

My hair was making “tikwas” already, being a few inches beyond my shoulder, a difficult length that requires dedicated blow drying which I don’t know how to do, neither HHB. But I hesitated to cut my hair short because my face is big/fat and my thinking is big/fat face could be disguised by long hair. 

The heat of the past week though drove me to the salon and on a Friday night at that. Rizza cut my hair into a bob, making it look neater without blow drying. Drying is sufficient. When son saw me and praised my hair it was after I had hurriedly dried it prior to going to the supermarket. So there. Try out Rizza — she’s very patient and explains a lot. I asked how people are able to manage the awkward stage of hair. She said either they blow dry it really well or tie it in a ponytail until such time it grows to a length where it will no longer flip upwards.


Last Friday too we had a good dinner at Boon Tong Kee on R3. Jesseca (that’s how her name is spelled, I looked) greeted us. Now, 5 days later, I’m not sure I can remember what our orders were but I do recall the fried tofu son ordered. It is so good. Served with greenish mayo which was made green not by wasabi, thank God, but by green tea. The tofu was topped loosely with pork floss. Jessseca asked if we wanted more and gave us a little more when we said yes, so with the kropeck. Ah now I recall, husband had sweet and sour fish, which was good. The duck tasted old and a bit tough. I forget now what else we ordered, but we had a good dinner which made me feel so happy I didn’t crave dessert.


At Marks & Spencer, Izzy attended to us. There was that blouse haunting me again, C. Remember I told you I first saw it in Shang, no size. I requested, it came, I decided not to get it. Then we went to M&S GLobal. No size, I asked if they could find it for me. Meanwhile we had lunch and before we got back, I got a text message that xxx(sorry, I forgot her name) had found one in San Marcelino. Did I want it? I texted back but got no reply. We went to M&S again she was on lunch break. I found another blouse and decided to cancel the blouse I initially wanted c/o another clerk. Later, the out for lunch girl called to ask if I still wanted the blouse, I said no. Then last Friday at Shang, the blouse was hanging forlornly and again, there was no size. Izzy said she’d call the shops and succeeded in finding me one in Greenbelt 5. I paid for it (walang atrasan na) but have yet to get it. Izzy texted Monday that the blouse was in Power Plant already.

Last Friday, M&S in Power Plant had a promo: a purchase of 2500 pesos gave one a rebate of P250, a purchase of P3500 earned one a GC worth P500. Plus if one has the M&S passport, points.


And then some…

Speaking of points, because of the recently concluded FIBA, Rustan’s Supermarket has a promo that ends this Friday. One earns stamps for every P2000 purchase that entitles one to various FIBA giveaways. Yesterday I got a football! I should have gotten a ballpen, no stock in Katipunan. I’m supposed to get one in Power Plant but yikes, I surrendered my card in Katipunan already when I got the ball. Goodbye ballpen? Will see when I go back to PP. Bianca?

The football looks nice and appears sturdy. It’s glossy too, patent finish.

Yesterday at Rustan’s in Katipunan, I saw some new products – Zwan brand from the Netherlands: sausage, chopped ham, etc. Have yet to try it.

Oh and in Rustan’s, the lady “manning” the deli part knows I’ve been looking for boursin. When HHB went to Rustan’s without me, she told HHB to tell me they already had them on stock. Thoughtful, right?

And yesterday, I was asking about grapes. I asked if they were sweet and the lady in black shirt and khaki pants said they were. I teased, if they aren’t I’ll return them, okay? SHe said yes… “ganyan kayo ka lakas sa amin.” (Lakas because I’m nice or because I complain too often and too much? Hmmm.. I don’t want to know if it’s the latter, reality hurts (I wanted to write “sucks” but is that too offensive?).

So were the grapes sweet? Husband said, a tad sour. Oh well… no, I’m not  returning them. That would be abuse of “friendship.”

Speaking of food, I know I speak/write of it too much but that’s one reality that constantly confronts me, Wooden Spoon’s bagoong is so good. It’s not watery but a bit solid. HHA said it’s like Iloilo’s. I said Bacolod’s/Talisay’s. Territorial. But really, I used to go to the market with my yaya and we’d see this cube-like stacks of ginamos (bagoong to Tagalogs). Back then I just looked at them, I didn’t eat ginamos then even as I’d see the help and my sister deep green mango or Indian mango in it. I’m not too much into sour stuff, though I like tom yum soup. Sinigang I’ll eat if only because it’s healthy, but I don’t crave it for its sourness.



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