North Park

Years back, a friend said she and her family always ate in NP. I was envious. I hadn’t even tried the place because it wasn’t in any of the malls we went to. Our trips are always one-stop mall, we don’t hope from one to another as a rule to prevent taxing the men from lifting me into and out of the car from and to the wheelchair more often than is necessary.

Once I recall I did have food delivered from NP but wasn’t impressed. Curious, when I got this   message through my phone, then email, I decided to give NP another try.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 17.36.02


Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 17.31.01I checked if NP delivers and it does: 73737 is the delivery hotline. I prefer hotlines that go direct to the resto because chances are the person answering knows about the resto’s offerings first-hand.

My orders: pinsec frito, fried rice with sauce, lemon chicken, mushrooms with broccoli and lechon macau.

Verdict: I haven’t yet eaten the veggies so I cannot comment on it for now. The pinsec frito’s wrapper I like – it’s thicker than the usual versions of other restos, the meat filling is not that good though. The lemon chicken was okay, the lechon macao too. The fried rice was the winner for me. Its sauce is so generous and has all sorts of stuff in it: tofu, mushrooms, squid balls, it’s a meal in itself. Oops, does that sound like a promo? But that’s straight from the heart. Plus the amount of fried rice is equal to the sauce – the containers they were individually put in were of the same size!

Minimum order is P300, delivery time an hour.

But guess what? I forgot all about the BDO promo. Besides, I didn’t order noodles or congee.

NP offers so many choices, I”m looking forward to trying its dimsum stuff.

Prices aren’t bad: Pinsec cost less than 100 for 4 pieces, the veggies cost lest than P200, the rice and other main dishes were under P300.



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