TV Watching

If you watch this show daily, you’ll know what show I am referring to and which guest and host.

Guest’s house is featured. Love the house, some of the appurtenances are not nice enough for the house. And the homeowner is a tad rough around the edges when she speaks. She should go to a finishing school or undergo sessions with Olen LIm or Abbygale Arenas. As for the host, oh wow, she asked, “May aircon? Inverter? Nakakatipid talaga?”. I’m okay with the last two questions, but the first – not really. What if the room didn’t have one? Embarrassing… for the owner, a bit.

But the house is really so nice – all white almost, with a lap pool. And elevated because the homeowner is scared of floods. I’m with you there, young lady. In fact, Jun Palafox, the famed architect said that in the past, houses were built altar level or something. 


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