Chili, no beans

In the past, when my husband worked near Greenbelt (there was only Greenbelt 1 then), he’d be overjoyed whenever he had lunch at Ben Franks. He was there so frequently he has/had a BF keychain to attest to his loyalty.

Then he transferred work and was based in QC so his bromance with BF ended. But each time he’d see hot dog, you could almost expect him to reminisce “In BF…”. He’d always have chili dog there, he’d say, foot-long chili dog.

While I tried to duplicate that here at home, it was never the same because there couldn’t be chili in hotdog served at home. Husband has gouty arthritis, making beans one of his nemesis.

Then some weeks back, when I shopped in  S&R, I saw this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 10.26.47

As in, really? I got a can not even sure what no beans meant. I thought chili hot dog always had to have chili with beans.

So tonight, we’ll have a hotdog dinner. Just German hotdog or sausage by Purefoods which I presume was the type used in BF? Or should I have gotten gourmet hotdog? I also got TIffany hotdog buns, pickle relish. We already have mustard, mayo, and cheese here at home.

But what to do? I don’t like chili. Ah, a Eureka! moment. I remembered Buy the Bucket, that yummy theater food in Power Plant. Googled and found this recipe. I just finished making the sauces, the garlic one was good; the cheese sauce recipe – I’m not too sure. Is it the cheez whiz? Should I have gotten Magnolia’s cheese spread instead?

I also got tacos for the sauces I made. Still mulling over making a separate meat sauce for myself so that while they enjoy their chili dogs, I can enjoy my buy the bucket. One thing though, the recipe says “barbecue marinade” which I don’t have. I do have barbecue sauce and am thinking of using that instead.


Update: Success – buy the bucket was so good. Instead of barbecue marinade, I used the Heinz 57 sauce. Try the recipe in the link! The finished product:

photo (2)

TPS, the two men were quiet about the chili sauce. HHA had added salt to it, she said it tasted a bit bland.


4 thoughts on “Chili, no beans

    • Haven’t yet- pang dinner tonight. I’m tempted to add, dinner nila. I don’t like chili flavored food. What do you think is missing? I wonder if son will add anything when he eats it later tonight. Abangan. But if you can tell me what it lacks so I can add or have it ready… hahaha

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