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Last Friday, husband was telling me about his thinking of buying son an amp for son’s guitar. He had found this in Amazon:

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 21.27.12It was available for shipping in QC. When we checked how much having it sent over would cost, the total was somewhere in the vicinity of P23k or P24k. The unit itself cost P15k.

I thought of asking Nelson KRX how much it would cost if we asked them to buy for us. Remember the Crayola pens husband wanted before? Having Nelson KRX get it rather than asking AMazon to send it directly to us save us a few hundreds.

But before Nelson KRX could respond to my query, husband saw in Google that the amp is available in Metro Manila, at Lyric stores. I tried calling the Shang branch  – the phone wasn’t answered. So I tried calling the Megamall branch. Someone picked up m y call. They had two models, one with reverb, the other without. The one with reverb was P17k plus, the one without P15k plus, less 10% if paid for in cash. I reserved one per husband’s instructions.

Saturday, husband picked up the unit and the reverb model cost P15k – special promo.

How lucky could we get?

Moral of the story – it’s not always cheaper to get the product from abroad. Check out availability here in the Philippines first. It just may come out cheaper.

Another advantage of buying here in our country is the matter of warranty in case the goods are damaged within a year. Though if one buys from Amazon, refunds are not impossible and are quickly paid for by the company.


So there.



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