Ms. Congeniality (is not only Sandra Bullock) and/or Mr. Liar?

HHB is Ms. Congeniality personified. The neighbor I don’t particularly like? She talks to him. When we go to the grocery, down the street where we live, suddenly someone smiles, then I ask, “You know him/her?” She’ll give you a rundown about that person, okay that’s exag. But she’ll have some info on that person.

Years back, she was new in my employ. We went to City Hall to pay real property tax, but husband and I had to go somewhere so we left her there with money for taxi and a burger. When she got home, the change she returned to me was rather small. She said she had treated the taxi driver to a burger! My vegetables (gulay!)!

Okay so what’s with Mr. Liar?

Sometimes, when I’m in the mood and have some food order delivered, I give instructions to HHA/HHB to give P20 from the change to the delivery person. This pm, I don’t know why, I gave this set of instructions. Total bill was P1415. I gave P1500 ergo change of P85 from delivery boy plus a P20 bill so the change would be intact – I had specified with’s  personnel to bring change.

HHB enters with the food. And announced, “Kulang siya kuno P15 nga change.” (He lacked P15 change). I asked if she had given the P20. Yes, she said. But I knew my change should have been bigger than P65, granted that he really lacked P15.

I looked at the receipt: P1415.  ERGO, I had been gypped of P35, plus the tip – the guy had P55 instead of a P20 tip. Drat.

I could have let that pass, P35 is not such a big amount but the thought of being gypped really gets my goat.

I called citydelivery. I asked – I did specify bringing change for P1500, right? Confeeeeeermed. Janine, who took my complaint said she’d get in touch with someone and the rider.

Shortly after, the doorbell rang. HHA and HHB were in our room. As I had a feeling it would be delivery boy, I said HHB should go out. I don’t know why HHA did, she who’s always so slow. DId they exchange signals? HHA who’s not only slower but has asthma, went to the gate.

True enough it was the delivery boy.  SO HHA came back to the room with P35 and the message from the delivery boy that HHB had said “Sige ok na lang yan.”

See? I told you she’s Miss Congeniality.

So my instructions for the two now is this: if the delivery boy says he doesn’t have change, don’t give the payment. Look for change from our neighbor who sells soft drinks and give the exact amount.

I tell you.




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