HHA is sick. Last Wednesday, we had the dogs groomed professionally and they have since smelled and looked clean. HHA and HHhtB are not affectionate with humans but love the canines. Ergo…

Last Friday, HHA came to give me breakfast. Her voice was cracking and I asked what was wrong. Asthma, she said and Dr. HHB said it was because HHA was kissing the dogs. Saturday, HHA’s asthma made its presence felt. Sunday morning, she was better and started to cook. Then she started coughing again. All through then till now, even if HHA was incapable of preparing our meals, she would get up to prepare the canine’s. I asked HHB why she didn’t do it instead. She said HHA insisted. Need to determine the veracity of that but won’t bother.

So last night, I pre-ordered breakfat from McDo for this am. HHB could have whipped up something for breakfast, I know, but  I fear she’ll make all sorts of grunting noises the rest of the day, so McDo to the rescue. Among others, I ordered hash browns for son, breakfast for delivery at 5:30 am today.

At 4:00 a.m the phone rang. DO you feel the same way – when the phone rings at that time, it would likely be bad news? But this morning, when it did ring at 4 a.m. it wasn’t that kind of bad news but McDo, telling me the Katipunan branch did not have hash browns, would I care for some apple pie?

Of course that phone call had awoken husband and then me, but well, McDo is McDo. They’re open 24 hours and I guess presume everyone is similarly awake.

At any rate, I declined the apple pie substitute and reminded them of delivery at 5:30. By 5:15 they were here. Great service.

Meanwhile, how do you find their ham desal sandwich? The version I got was the one with cheese. The bread was good but  for the ham, everything was creeping out with every bite – the syrup, the cheese, the mayo. Messy, messy, messy. I should have ordered Sausage McMuffin except that I am not too fond of it. Longganisa meal like husband’s would have been fine too except that I’m not particularly fond of McDo’s longganisa.

Oh well, at least when husbadn and son left for work, this was after they had a filling McDo breakfast.

So there.


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