Months ago, I downloaded the appbut deleted it along with a few other apps when I needed to update the phone’s software but didn’t have enough memory to be able to do it. I thought I might never need it anyway.

Then today, husband had to take a taxi to go to the casa where the car was repaired. The car is number coded so he didn’t have the luxury of time. He was here at home 2:06 pm, tried to get a taxi, texted me there wasn’t any while he waited outside the house. I asked if he wanted me to use Grab a Taxi to get him one. He conceded. Shocked I was.

I   searched for the app in my phone and fortunately, downloading it was a cinch. Meanwhile, husband came in to wait for me to succeed. So that really stressed me but the app is so user friendly that despite husband’s presence, I managed to fill in the necessary info, press next, next, etc. I was sent a Taxi Activation Code via text. I thought I needed to check my email for it, but no, two text messages were received in quick succession. How convenient.

That done, I tried to answer the “questions” that presented themselves in the app, like where was I headed? It didn’t ask where I was because I had given permission for the app to get my location. And it showed there were quite a number of taxis in the vicinity. Hooray. But it took a while, maybe three attempts before one taxi confirmed availability. Hooray again. And the driver was so nice, calling up for instructions on how to get here, answering he was in the U-turn slot but would go further down, etc. Then he called again updating me that he was in a street parallel to ours, etc. I told him how husband was clad. When the taxi got to the place I had chosen as pick up point, he called (I think I forgot to tell husband to go there) and after I told him husband was in a red shirt, etc. he  said, “eto na siya, tumatakbo.” 


Additional charge for grab a taxi is P70, well worth it, I’d like to think. Plus it’s safer, vis-a-vis the horror stories one reads about involving taxi drivers (hold-ups, for instance). These horror stories are hardly new, though.

I remember back in 1980, my sister who was based in Germany and I were in a street in Bonn, walking. Then she said, let’s take a cab. Without batting an eyelash, the young me asked, “Is it safe?” I was so used to warnings about the danger of taking a cab here in the PHilippines. My sister assured me it was.

As soon as we got into one, the driver asked where we wanted to go, etc., called up their base, etc. See, my sister pointed out? I was comforted, assured.

It’s a wonder why it took some 30 years for such a system to get to our shores, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, this pm, after failing to find a taxi, husband recounted he had actually boarded one except that the taxi driver asked where he was headed and upon learning of husband’s desired destination, told husband that wasn’t his route. SInce when did taxis have routes? 

I told husband he should have threatened the driver that he’d report him to LTO. But I guess husband is less argumentative than I am. 

SO, use grabtaxi now. The P70 extra you’ll have to pay is so much less than medication for hypertension acquired  from associating with snobbish taxi drivers– and that’s putting it mildly. If only for this app and WAZE, I would advocate getting an unlisurf plan to all those who need to commute or travel long distances constantly. 

photo 1 (1)Another funny thing – HHB said she  tried to hail a cab that wouldn’t stop for her. Then she saw “kuya” (my husband) board it. See? taxis of GrabTaxi will not allow just anyone to get in the way of  their commitment.

Thanks GrabTaxi. It’s a Malaysian company, I believe.

Here’s the link to the video explaining how GT works:


2 thoughts on “GrabTaxi

  1. Thanks for sharing Manong Taxi driver’s input. Yours is the second mention of Easy Taxi i’ve come across. It’s not as visible/marketed as Grabtaxi, I guess.

  2. Here’s some info from a manong taxi driver. Grabtaxi, powered by Globe, requires that drivers load up Php30, not sure if per transaction. Basta he said the Php70 additional goes to Globe and to Grabtaxi. On the other hand, Easytaxi, powered by Smart, entails only Php40 top-up price. I don’t know how Smart earns from it–maybe from the initial cash outlay for phone units and registration of operators? So Easytaxi is cheaper, thanks to Smart. BTW, Grabtaxi has a stand in Megamall for people like me who still have jurassic phones 😛

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