Prince of Boon Tong Kee at UP Town Center

Ordered this morning for delivery this pm from BTK at UP Town Center; I think they don’t as a rule deliver from said branch, I was just lucky because I pleaded?

The beef was so good, so was the prawn toast, the crispy bean curd, the spinach with eggs, and the sambal rice. I didn’t partake of the sweet and sour fish because I’m trying to diet. Okay, drop those eyebrows. Just kidding. I don’t want to overeat at night. Drop those eyebrows again. I don’t know I just didn’t get. Now my tummy is grumbling, rumbling at 12:55:14 a.m.

At any rate, what I’d like to point out here, aside from the excellent food, is the excellent service Prince provided. What do I mean?

He labeled every box, spelling out what was in it. As the sauce of the sweet and sour fish was packed separately from the fish fillet, he labeled that thus: “sauce for sweet and sour fish.” And the green tea mayo for the crispy tofu he also labeled accordingly.

[On a semi-related note: Recently, I ordered pork chop and Asian salad from a resto nearby. Everything was packed in one paper bag, no indication as to which sauce was for which dish. I used my olfactory sense and gut feel to determine the right sauce for the right dish.

Now that calls to mind an incident in my sister’s house. She had us prepare fresh lumpia and suman latik, I think. These were laid beside each other on the table along with their sauces. One of her in-laws put the wrong sauce on the wrong item – I think the lumpia sauce on the suman. Face palm. Note, I wasn’t the one who put the stuff on the table. I pitied the aunt. Or was it a serendipitous moment? A Eureka! one?]

wait, back to BTK at UP Center. Prince called to ask him whereabouts our house was. As this meant my having his cell phone number, I texted to thank him for everything. He texted back that he wished we’d visit their resto in UP Town Center. And guess what, I think the owner of BTK is the same as Burgoo. What makes me say that? They gave small gift coupons that entitle one to free dishes , I think? provided one’s orders total P250 at least. Generous, right?

photo (1)

Our orders above – see the labels?

The coupons:

photo (2)

Note: the coupons have expiration dates.


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