Ergo, Locsin and Xulera, the ice cream place on the fifth floor

Months back, the computer chair son uses broke. It’s usually husband who breaks it when he sits down and puts his weight on the arm rest. That doesn’t sound right, I know, please get the drift.

So we’ve had at least two computer chairs that have gone one arm-less, prompting husband to remove both arms. He is one for symmetry.

At any rate, when the last computer chair broke – same culprit, same weakness — I texted my niece who’s an interior designer. She gave me a phone number in Megamall of a store on the fourth floor. THing is, when I called, Philux answered. And they weren’t into computer chairs with wheels.

Today, as we wheeled along the second floor, I saw “ERGO” and remembered my niece’s message. We went in and true enough, there were computer chairs galore. Computer tables too, office tables, visitors’ chairs, etc. So many choices, one wishes one had lots of money and lots of space or a new house or office to decorate.

Yes, ERGO isn’t cheap, but niece said its products last. We got a chair which satisfied husband because the arm rests weren’t mounted on the sides but along the back of the chair. I’ll take a picture once it’s delivered and if I remember to do so. As husband and son went to withdraw (Cash payments are entitled to 10% discount), I wandered around. Actually, there were two men I thought were suspicious looking, so I went near the entrance of the store in case they’d announce a hold up. Such a wild imagination I have. Then when I was outside there was a suspicious looking character there too, so I wheeled back in. And that’s when I saw a table I think I’ll be able to use in bed. It’s like a hospital table whose leg could be slid under the bed, so the table top is in front of the person on the bed. Get it? It cost only P2800, used to be P3800. Comes in black or white. I chose black. It will be delivered Friday with the computer chair. No delivery charge. Whew. Paid using my card for the table because price was fixed; no discounts for cash purchases.

Ergo is a swoon place. Picture below were surreptitiously taken, I hope I don’t get a warning from the owner (I have a phobia already):

photo 1 (1)

In the first photo, that somewhat opened door, if pulled down, reveals a bed!

photo 2 (1)This photo shows the bed pulled down. So good for condos, right?

And see that table standing beside the bed? That’s similar to the black one I got.

Now, as I sit on my bed, I wonder if it can be set high enough above my tummy so I can use it well.

I hope that’s not a tall order, pun intended – or not? 


Locsin – chuvaness blogged about a cocoon she designed for Locsin. Locsin’s store is on the fourth floor of SM Megamall Building B also. They didn’t have her creation on display but have a clear book with pictures of what’s available. The items on display – some were made of wood but could be custom-made with plastic as material for outdoor use. The personnel of Locsin, like those in Ergo, are very friendly and knowledgeable; not patronizing, not condescending. So ask away.


Xulera – this is on the fifth floor of Fashion Mall. It prints 3D stuff – imagine an architect’s model, the Eiffel Tower, this band that I was given for free:

photo 2 (2)

It hurts to remove it because my wrist is big (oh no, like Mega’s? I’m not apologizing though I somehow understand her but wish she didn’t feel bad about it – I was a fan but I don’t see any need for her to apologize – why was? That’s a long story there, so  never mind. It has nothing to do with her avoirdupois though, trust me).


Finally, I almost forgot, the ice cream place near the elevator. Fifth floor. The ice cream is made after you order, using nitrogen as freezing agent or something. Not too many choices in terms of flavor; in fact, I asked for the Rees thing with peanut butter and pretzels, it wasn’t available. Some photos:

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (1)

photo 1 (2)


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