How to GrabTaxi

Go to the App Store of your smart phone and choose “GrabTaxi”. Download the app:

photo 1

When the download is over, click on OPEN:

photo 2

Once you do, the next screen will appear. I think logically you should allow, but even if you don’t…

photo 3

the following will appear.. Click dismiss:

photo 4

The next screen that will come out is this one:

photo 1-2

I cropped the above, but to inform you, nearby locations will list where you are near. Chooses one that appears in the list.

The following will then come out:

photo 2-1

And then this:

photo 3-1

Type in the box and then this comes out:

photo 4-1

Here’s what appears next:

photo 1-3

Then this:

photo 2-2

followed by this:

photo 3-2

Fill that up and very shortly after, you will get a text message so you should fill  up the tracker activation code space:

photo 4-2

Once you do that you will get a quote, an estimate, a range and the reminder that there’s a P70 booking fee on top of the metered fair. There’s also space for tip which you may or may not fill up. I didn’t notice that when I booked days ago, so I didn’t fill it up. There’s also space that reads: “Notes to driver, e.g., “Waiting at lobby, return trip, extra luggage” and a space that says “Promo code”.

Then a list of available GrabTaxi cabs comes up, from those nearest to where you are onward.

Then this very assuring message:


Cancellations do not get to the taxi driver immediately so if you do cancel, chances are you’ll get a call that says, “Ma’am andito na ako.” Oops.

SO there.

I’m not sure if in an earlier post on this app I mentioned that the cabs, at least the one husband used, have WAZE! That’s a big help for both the driver and the passenger. As in.

Hope the above helps. Sorry if you found it too detailed. I did that because that’s how I want things myself. Detailed.

Note: of course the next time you use the app, you won’t have to register any longer if you haven’t deleted the app in your phone as doing so deletes all history. Though I’m not sure as I’ve used the app only once, completely.

The data above was simulated so I could come out with this post.


2 thoughts on “How to GrabTaxi

    • I sent GrabTaxi a PM re your question and got this reply:

      “We have different referral code each driver. They can ask their assigned driver for their referral code.”

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