Tim Ho Wan at Mega Fashion Trade Hall – finally!!!

Son came home early morning. He asked where we’d go to today. I said his father wanted to look at something in Megamall. Then husband mentioned how the other day, when he went to Megamall, there was no line in THW. What? I asked, and you didn’t buy me pork buns?! Angry.

Son, I guess, pitied me and said we should eat there today.

He was ready before 10 a.m. so I suggested he go ahead and reserve a table. He got there 10:20 and by then there were people eating. Ergo, one can conclude, THW now opens at 10 a.m. – that’s reminder no. 1.

Reminder No. 2: If it’s your turn to be seated but your companions aren’t with you yet, the person next to you with a complete entourage gets first dibs. That happened to us. When we got to Megamall, son was a long way off from being seated, so husband and I went elsewhere. Though he texted us to come already, he texted again, no, not yet, etc. Before we knew it our would have been table was ready. Someone got in ahead of us because we weren’t there yet. Like in a doctor’s clinic?

Reminder NO. 3. Those in wheelchairs are not allowed to sit inside the resto. We are poor relations, so we eat outside. Just kidding but that’s a rule. Does it offend? well yes and no. It wounds the ego but then one realizes it’s practical: you don’t get bumped by a waiter with a tray of food, the bag of some lady, a child running around, etc.

Reminder No. 4: The number of orders of pork buns one is entitled to buy. One cannot buy food for takeout. To be able to take out food, you should dine in and order additional food for takeout if you wish. Now the best-selling pork buns. IN the past, one soul was entitled to two orders; an order has 3 buns Now, good news: one soul is entitled to get three orders, ergo 9 buns. Guess how many we ordered? (Smiling widely, saying that in a singing almost voice). This will last us for maybe 3 months. Oops, already two orders have consumed leaving us with… you guess.

Now for the food:

Congee – so nice and hot. It has laman, it’s not all broth and sticky rice and cornstarch.

Pork spareribs with rice – spicy and yummy.

Pork buns – super favorite

hakaw – son liked it so I gave him my share

Shrimp puff with wasabi sauce – I don’t like wasabi; son welcomed that fact – he had two of the three; his father got one

Pork siomai – so good, obviously, newly cooked; not tough

Dimsum with spinach – yummy even if there was more veggie than meat.

What I didn’t like – I wish I had remembered from the time my sister brought me some: barbecued pork roll and pork liver roll. Both use pancit molo wrap and have meat inside. Good if they had just  meat. But no, they have ginger. Served with light soy sauce, both kinds.

Husband ate one pork, and mentioned the ginger only after I had put one of each kind on my plate.I tried the liver – couldn’t live with the ginger. I had the pork roll packed for takeout with the untouched ones. ergo there were four of them (I think son ate one – he’s okay with ginger). Girl asked if it was okay with us if she packed both kinds in one container. we nodded. We really didn’t care.

Our bill paid, I decided to count the boxes of pork buns we had, hahaha, segurista. As I lifted out the plastic container with the rolls, I saw that some of the sauce had spilled on the boxes of pork buns. Horror of horrors. Called the girl who noticed, along with son, that the buns were not affected. Left the rolls on the table. We didn’t want anything to happen to our precious buns.

THW sells dimsum and no more. Oh yes, I forgot – the dessert – mango and pomelo thingy. Refreshing but a bit sour.

Below is a picture of the menu of THW. All of one page and with pictures yet. You get the drift – it is a lean menu.

photo 1

Will we go back? Possibly months from now when our pork buns run out?


One thought on “Tim Ho Wan at Mega Fashion Trade Hall – finally!!!

  1. Waaaah! I was at Mega D at 10:45am today, on the third floor waiting for my company, so I saw the line at THW. I was tempted to take a photo to show you how long the line was to the much-coveted pork buns…tapos andun pala kayo! 🙂

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