Eat Bulaga has this dance contest in barangays featuring students. One group’s name is El Filipinos. How I wish someone had corrected and told them they should be Los Filipinos instead.


HHB – the other day, someone gave me a paper bag of pan de sal. This was brought to my room. Then that someone texted and said to give HHA and HHB two pieces each. I called HHB and she said, “apat lang?”

Gratitude where have you fled?


HHB again. I asked for my white cosmetic bag with red flowers.

Here’s what she handed me:

photo 1

I said “white na may white flowers.”

She then gave me this:

photo 2

Exasperated I asked, “Red na?”

Finally, she gave me this:

photo 5


back when I was a small kid, my sister bought MAD magazines regularly. Sometimes, these had bonus stickers. One sticker I remember to this day as she put it on the toilet bowl setup near the flush handle. It had the words “Stop the world! I want to get off!” – a girl screaming cartooned into it.

Why do I remember that now, do you think?




Someone invited me to the Positive Thought a day for five days exercise on FB. I declined. I do have positive experiences every day but sometimes they are obliterated my small irritants. 


I have a cousin who has a beagle diary. 

Should I have an HH diary myself? That will be so exhausting.





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