Adult Incontinence

Being paralyzed from below the breast down, I am incontinent. And that means the need for me to use disposable diapers. Back in the early 1980s when diapers were very, very expensive for my budget (expensive being relative), I used bird’s eye diapers like a baby of the distant past would. Then an aunt gave me a pack of disposables and thereafter, I decided to purchase them because they were so convenient.

There was one brand that brought on rashes, I think the brand is no longer in the market. Tena, Dr. P, and Caress I now use interchangeably, depending on what’s available. During the day I use the cheapest (therefore the least absorbent is) of each brand but for going out and overnight, I use the thickest. Rustan’s has its Surebuy version but this comes in one variant only and is quite cheap, so I use it at home during the daytime, if I am unable to buy the other brands. After Sure Buy, Caress is a bit expensive, followed by Tena and then Dr. P being the highest priced, I think. Sometimes, Rustan’s  runs out of Medium which I prefer, so then I have no choice but to buy Large. HHB prefers that I buy Large as it’s easier for her to put on me, but the price difference between the two sizes cannot be ignored. But she’s naughty – when it is she who buys, she buys Large and then tells me there was no Medium. Then when we shop together and there’s Medium, she hastens to tell me that new stock must have arrived.

Still on adult incontinence, I’m not sure if all patients in the hospital are made to lie down on beds that not only have bedsheets but also a brown mat (leatherette?) with katsa sides that are tucked under the bed. Perhaps only the incontinent ones? There was a time one of my HHs sewed up one for me, or maybe quite a few, using the used sacks where flour was packed, as sides. A sister of mine asked for these sacks from her friend who had a bakeshop. Katsa is always so cool and comfy.

Then when we couldn’t buy the brown thingy like in the hospital, I started to use the blue and pink rubber mats for babies. I liked this type least of all – its being rubber made it feel hot and uncomfortable. Then in Greenhills, at Unimart, I saw this plastic crib liners for babies with cute prints. They came in different sizes and I’d get the biggest for myself. Problem was they turned brittle after a spell.

A few yeras ago, in Baby & Co, I saw crib sheets. I got two different kinds – these were white, but while one was made of plastic all throughout, one used a cotton material on one side and waterproof(?) material on the other. I’ve since been using the former but each time I go to Baby & Co, I have to explain what I’m looking for as the personnel there look at me like I’m asking for something alien. Yesterday, at Power Plant, the same thing happened.

Then I remembered. A few months back, I had bought from this mestiza lady in Baby & Co. in Power Plant.  That time she said there was just one piece left. I got that and asked her to text me if new stock came and she did. I mentioned the mestiza lady to the sales clerks yesterday and they said it must have been Miss Roma.  They found her and while the rest couldn’t figure out what I was looking for, Ms. Roma did, and called the person in charge after handing me a piece. While earlier they said it was out of stock, they realized there were quite a few pieces on hand.

Here it is. I decided to take a picture of the “alien” crib sheet and will keep the photo on my phone and here in this post so that if again they give me a clueless look even when I identify the product as crib sheet, I can show them what it looks like:




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