LBC and then some

Was at Power Plant yesterday and sent two packages c/o LBC which is in P1 near the entrance from parking. 2Go is no more. It had refused to send my package of pastillas, lest it get crushed, the girl said. SO I came prepared, I brought a plastic container for the pastillas (IYA’s sold in the weekend baker’s dozen thing) so the girl couldn’t refuse me. But 2Go is gone.

So to LBC. LBC – my first time send something through it by myself had been in Greenhills. I was shocked. The rate was so high it seemed the courier didn’t want to be in business. So I had since avoided using LBC. But with nowhere else to go yesterday (Sure, DHL is in P2, but such a hassle to go down and not sure it’s cheaper anyway), I sent two packages through LBC.

True enough the rates are higher; a package I sent to my sister in Negros was even charged for insurance. The girl was very efficient though and when one deals with such, the rate seems worth it.

I asked when the package would get to the recipients: one in Taytay, Rizal, the other in Negros. She said usually it takes a day but since tomorrow, meaning today, is a holiday, let’s say it will get to them Tuesday.

Well, well, well, close to noon my sister texted that she had received the package I sent, post lunch the recipient in Taytay acknowledged the package.

Thanks LBC.

Oh and not to forget how efficient the girl was – she asked if she could put tape around the plastic box of pastillas. And when I suggested the wrong package might be sent to one of two recipients, she assured me the first one had been sealed, so no chance of being wrong. She was very systematic in doing her job. So admirable.





4 thoughts on “LBC and then some

  1. Ngek, mali ang napaglagyan ko ng comment.
    Hehehe. LBC is the Rustan’s of shippers. They even deliver on holidays and in the evenings, not early evening ha? Minsan parang 10 pm na. Medyo alanganin na nga akong lumabas ng bahay kasi baka holdupper.

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