Power Mac’s caravan

Tuesday or Thursday last week, we went to SM Megamall. Saw this Power Mac stall on the ground floor of Building B. Inquired if they reformat because my MacBook Pro had been giving me problems – so slow I had to repeatedly refresh etc. and was eventually driven to get a new one. But husband who’s a reformat advocate wanted to save my laptop and so we’ve been asking about reformatting options.

At the Power Mac caravan, because it was on a promo binge, reformatting would cost just P1k. In Power Mac’s store in Power Plant, reformatting is P1.8. In another computer place where husband asked, he was told it would cost P3k.

So last Monday, husband went to Megamall to have my laptop reformatted. Problem was it wouldn’t budge. And he was told likely, a new hard drive was necessary (P7.9k) or a new cable (over P1k). Not having the budget for a new hard drive,  I told husband to just bring the laptop back home.

He regretted not having it diagnosed in their service center in Connecticut (the caravan would have brought it, not him) as anyway, after an estimate was made of actual cost, etc. we could always decide not to have it done. But what really prompted us to have it diagnosed was the fact that the caravan established the unit’s having been purchased in Power Mac, ergo, labor fee would be just 20% of the set amount: P400 instead of P2000.

Last day of the caravan is today. They still don’t know if they’ll mount other caravans in other malls.

At any rate, will receive updates from them via email in 3 to 5 working days. Wait and see we will.

(Oh, another thing that convinced us to have it done or at least diagnosed further was the comment of the technician that installing a new hard drive would make it good as new plus my laptop looked new, he said. Got it in 2010.

Here it is:


When the girl who attended to me flipped it over, she saw scratches (oops) and only one round rubber thingy in good condition. Two were missing and one looked like I had gnawed at it.

7 thoughts on “Power Mac’s caravan

  1. Husband thinks if we have my laptop fixed, the repair might be done in Singapore. He’s speculating. Hope the repair of the iPad won’t take too long.

        • No naman, Apple recommended that I bring it to Power Mac. Got it for 21K. Hindi man lang nakaabot ng 3 months. It’s working, but naaalibadbaran ako dun sa crack and dent. Am still thinking whether to have it repaired now or sa sem break na lang. I’d have to ask Power Mac muna kung gano katagal abutin. I can have it repaired sa ibang shops, pero I’d rather go with an Apple-authorized service center.

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