Tim Ho Wan – the second time around

Mwahahaha, it’s not been a week since we ate there, we meaning my husband, son and I, but today, I went there with HHB. See, I was thinking of eating in YABU or Almon Marina but wow, when I saw how near THW was to Power Mac, it was a no brainer.

I was anxious, of course, because have you noticed how dealing with service centers or appliance people takes a looooonnnnggg while? No exception at PM. I was hinting loudly – “ay, may pila na ba sa thw?” The girl would say, “parang wala pa naman.” I also said, “Hay sana hindi pa maraming tao sa THW pagkatapos ko rito.” Etc.

We were lucky/blessed because while there was a line outside – a line of 6 people seated on Monobloc chairs, plus two who beat us to the line, and the resto inside was full, that wasn’t such an intimidating line, right? And the two ladies (who lunch) who beat us to the line said graciously, “Go ahead. We’re many.” Nice of them, sosy ladies. And when we were asked how many we were and I said 2, the girl managing the lines said “hali na kayo” and led us to a table for 2 outside.

I proceeded to check what I wanted to order in the list provided, it was a mix of those I wanted to eat right there and those I wanted to take out. The girl from THW, when I told her thus, said to just separate the two lists, which I did. I ordered the maximum allowable barbecue buns of course, I’ll share with my sister or sisters who’re willing to get it. C, I was hoping to catch you here at home, but then you don’t eat Porky Pig, right?

Unlike last Saturday, I ordered carrot cake and had it with chili sauce. Sarap. It actually reminds me of what’s called radish cake in some Chinese restos. I also ordered congee but finished maybe a fourth. Will have the rest tonight or tomorrow. ORdered the same for HHB who enjoyed both the congee and  pork bun. She didn’t eat the radish cake because she was full already, she said.


Some discoveries re THW: Beside us were two men. They only had water on the table but before long, a brown bag of stuff was laid on their table, they paid and stood up. Whaaat? I thought one had to eat in THW to be able to order takeout. Were they the owner’s friends, I wondered. Then two women came to sit on the table they vacated. One of the two was loud so I overheard her say, “Takeout…” And again it was allowed. Whaaat?

Not able to resist, I asked the   person who was attending to us – I thought one has to eat here to be able to take out? She said no, one just has to line up along with all those who dine in as they don’t have a takeout counter. When I told my sister she was surprised.

So from the time to opened, some modifications:

Opening time: from 12, it was moved to 11, and now 10 a.m.

Ordering: maximum number of orders per person for takeout of barbecued pork buns: from 2 orders per to 3 orders per.

Takeout: possible without having to dine in, unlike before (or was this a misconception) where takeout required dining in.

THW, thanks for serving good food. Except for the vermicelli thing. I do so hate ginger.


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