Various stores

Toy Kingdom – I wanted to get my Christmas present for my grandson c/o my sister as early as way back but it’s so difficult to choose. Plus usually, my husband and son get bored especially because I couldn’t decide quickly.

So today, I took advantage of being not without them while shopping. I knew Toy Kingdom was no longer on the ground floor of SM Building A and therefore asked the elevator lady where it is now: basement of Building A. Toward the center, she said, But I think it was nearer the end than the center.

The toys are neatly arranged, maybe kids don’t go there? ANd there were, as expected, so many choices. Markdowns were evident but I couldn’t choose these items because the boxes were a bit unsightly, and it would be evident that I got the item at a low price. Pride.

Finally chose a toy I hope grandson will like…. this one:

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 19.08.13


Bought bread in Jipan. They had a lot of new things and got one each only of those that had basil or pesto. Got two of the mushroom pie. Ate one excitedly and what do you know, it had pesto. Ugggggh.

Jipan at lunch time has a lot of diners but with my suki around, things proceeded smoothly. Note, use your ZAP card in Jipan. They give you 5% of your total purchase in points.

Went to Quirks – so many nice things there, but I had to go to Shang, so next time? Gift items, mostly.


After Megamall, went to Lock & Lock in Shangrila east wing. It was closed. that was a little past one, I think? But the lights were on. Went to Arena across and asked if L&L was really closed, the girl there said maybe the one in charge went downstairs for some report.

As we were about to give up, L&L man came and led us in. He was so phlegmatic, I felt so forlorn. Got husband a lunchbox which had a spoon and fork, one container with no divisions, one container with two partitions and a drinking bottle. This sold at 25% off. Also got some containers with partitions because I wasn’t sure husband would use the pink lunch box I got him. Though real men wear pink, right? See, there was no other color. Oh yes, there was a lunch box with pigs on it. Lesser of two evils what I chose, actually.

Not truly satisfied with my L&L purchase, decided to go to Gourdo’s on the sixth floor of East Wing, just like L&L. The personnel of Gourdo’s in Shang are so cordial, to a man. I saw lunch boxes there sold with nothing inside, make those thermal bags. Problem was the designs were again so feminine. Bought cooking stuff for cousin who’s celebrating his birthday this September, silicon stuff.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 19.20.47. These are nesting stuff, with the red on top, so when I saw this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 19.26.00to match the topmost kitchen utensil.

After Gourdo’s, to the grocery we went. They had run out of free parking tickets for star Sapphire card holders. 😦  So I’m sulking now and won’t elaborate on what I got from the grocery. Joke. But I feel too lazy to write about it. Nothing extraordinary.


Got a rocky road cake from Red Ribbon. Husband has been craving for black forest ice cream but the last time I had someone check in Rustan’s K, there was none. So I thought of getting the cake. But the cashier of RR suggested Rocky Road instead. It’s a seasonal cake. So I said, sige the small one. Uh oh, they don’t have it in that size which would have cost P350 for the black forest. She suggested I get the huge one because the BF variant is available year round anyway. One of the personnel, the man, suggested she give me the 10% discount card for the cake, ergo I paid P495 for the regular sized rocky road cake. And it came with a Red Ribbon plastic drinking bottle. Or a plastic Red Ribbon drinking bottle. The cake tasted a bit sour. Was that why they were pushing it? Soon to turn rancid? Or was it my taste buds merely?


The trip back home didn’t take as long as I feared it would, although traffic in the overpass and meters before it was heavy. Still, it was moving. Perhaps travel time despite the time (dismissal of Ateneo) was just an hour. There was one minor accident – a car and a motorcycle, and a truck being towed – that might have slowed down traffic.


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