Fated to Love You (k-drama)

More often than not, after I watch a series, that’s it. I remember enjoying it, perhaps the story in its entirety but hardly do I ever watch it a second time.

I just finished Episode 18  of Fated to Love You but am rewatching the series. I’m about to start with Episode 3. Why so?

In the latter episodes, I noticed allusions to the earlier ones. Details surface in the later episodes that bring back the past. SO now I’m paying attention to as many details as possible to gain better appreciation of the later episodes. Amazing really, how so many things are tied up in the near end of the series – Episode 20 likely the final one.

FTLY is a most endearing series. The male lead’s ways are a bit annoying the first time one is exposed to them – obnoxious and loud laughter, overboard sometimes, but as the series goes on, even those become acceptable as part and parcel of the person.

So many lovable characters here: Secretary Tak who’s also in Jang Bori where he’s also funny but in a different way – and he’s in demand – two series on at the same time?

The grandma of the male lead who was former CEO of Jang IN Chemicals. She doesn’t run true to form, accepting and loving a not at all rich wife for her grandson.

And so on.

I’ll take my leave for now as I shall re-watch/re-view Episode 3.


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