HHB strikes again!

She’s so creative… in concocting tales.

Along C Salvador, in the building where La Creperie is, is a dress shop/atelier of Tamara something. (Sui,have you tried her out yet?) The last time we passed by, I saw that it had the sign “Alterations accepted”.

Coincidentally enough, I had just received two blouses and a shirt from a good friend who arrived from the US but they were one or two sizes too huge. SO I sent one of the three pieces to the shop c/o HHB. She asked if she should bring all 3, I said, just one. Test out the waters first, right?

She went and then came back. Alteration fee she said is P300, but the person in the shop asked for a deposit, hence HHB’s return. She suggested, “i-cash mo na lang, bayaran na lahat.” I said no and reminded her of how I had some shorts of son fixed (change garter) in a shop in E Abada and paid in cash and it took forever to be done? So I handed her a P500 bill. She paced a few steps and said “paano ni man?” I said have it changed kay Dadang. Dadang is the person who sells barbecue near our place. She said okay and left.

The distance between the  dress shop and our house is maybe a 10 minute walk? Maybe 5 minutes even.  But she came back after perhaps 30 minutes or longer. When I buzzered for her, HHA came in and said she wasn’t back yet. I don’t know if HHA went to get her but maybe 5 minutes later, HHA  came to the room with P350. Yes, I asked her to pay P150 or 50%. I asked what took her so long.

She said “nadugayan (tagalan) maghanap ng change ang matanda.” Owwws? Why didn’t you have the money changed with Dadang. She was quiet.

Actually, when she came back telling me of the rate, she said the woman in the shop said “isingit ko lang eto.” That scared me a bit – she might not report it to the shop’s owner. THe person there also asked for my phone number and what I did was to write my name and the name of the owner’s aunt who’s a friend of my sister’s. I also asked HHB to get a receipt.

SO now I have a receipt. No second guessing.

Once I sent her to have something photocopied. She said the rate was P2.50 per. I asked for a receipt. She produced none. The next time I reminded her to get a receipt. The rate had gone down to P1.50.

May himala. Some prices do go down.

What a fecund imagination HHs have, do they actually believe they have us fooled?

So why do I let it pass?

Hard to come by help.



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