Abe at Mega Fashion Hall and then some

Son is out of town, so it was just husband and I. We had no concrete plans to go out today, but while at mass, power went off and I recalled having seen Meralco’s schedule of brownouts in our neighborhood. Hoping by the time I got home that power would have been restored, I was wrong. The irony – I hadn’t brought my phone with me so how to let the people know in the house that we were at the gate?

We didn’t have to wait too long. the dogs sensed our presence and barked loudly. HHA came to open the gate. There was one dog missing from the pack that came to the gate, well two except that Kana doesn’t count, she lives in a gated portion of the house by her lonesome because she’s the pet peeve of the oldest dog. I realized later why of the 8, there were only 6 at the gate. Bona is scared of the sound emanating from the generator and hides! SO there.

We prepared to go out and as husband drove, he asked where to? I said it was his choice. I had no purchase lined up so anywhere was fine. He chose Megamall. I don’t really know why, maybe he’s bored with my favorite haunts – Shang and Power Plant? So Megamall it was.

First stop was Uniqlo which is really a senseless choice for the two of us, neither of whom can fit in any Uniqlo item.

Then we went to Marks & SPencer. I liked a few items there but didn’t want to bore husband.  Went to Healthy oPtions to redeem the coupon I had earned from a previous purchase. Expires OCt but I’ve learned my lesson. I missed using a P50 coupon months back. Bought pine nuts and it’s so expensive I’ll be putting only one per recipe. I kid but it’s really expensive, so maybe 2?

Finally, lunch. I let husband choose. He said Filipino food, ergo ABE on the 3rd floor.

we ordered gising gising (surprise! Veggies, me? All along I thought gising2 is made of baguio beans but the girl said it was kangkong stalks, ergo okay for husband as kangkong isn’t contraindicated for gout.

Then the pla-pla tilapia (oversized) served with balo-balo sauce which husband loved. I couldn’t quite get the taste so I was a bit puzzled why he liked the balo-balo (balu-balu?). But the fish which was cut and fried like it was flying was good. Ordered the baby squid. It was described in the menu as – we couldn’t wait for it to grow up so we’re serving it young, or something to that effect. And finally, lechon cubano which took a while to come out of the kitchen. Oh yes, fried rice.

I was thoroughly enjoying the gising-gising (Suplice – as the foreigner host in Eat Bulaga would say) when I saw something curly. No, it was not alive, it was inanimate. I pointed it out to the girl and she asked where it came from, I pointed to the gising-gising. She took it and the bowl of gising-gising. Another girl asked if I wanted to change plates. I said yes. that incident somehow dampened my appetite although later, they told me it was the thread or tali of the bundle of kangkong? Anyway, prior to my discovery of that alien stuff, I had enjoyed the baby squid and thought to myself, I could just have this, garlic rice and gising gising and be content. the Lechon Cubano was quite good. Maybe 5 chunks of pork with a crisp square piece of skin on top. Served with lechon sauce and achara. I just got one cube and was happy. Very happy. Hopefully, when I have it for lunch or dinner tomorrow, it will still be good.

The rice was also quite good.

Will we be back? Definitely. “Accidents” happen. And besides, the gising-gising was  really good. A bit spicy but good.


After going around a bit, had dessert at Saint Marc’s. My sister mentioned that Kris A had  said the coffee was good so when I told husband, he was curious.

I’m not a coffee drinker, so I cannot judge the coffee. Husband lined up by himself after another person in a wheelchair suggested he leave me by a table near the entrance as the cord separating those in line to purchase from the rest of the world narrowed the space considerably. Plus, the old man pointed out, the tables and chairs were cramped. SOme chairs were of the dining chairs variety, but some were chunky, like for the sala or a hotel lobby.

Husband bought coffee, an almond triangle Danish pastry (quite good), a choco something after he saw people buying it by the dozens, and our banana split. The choco something was good, the banana split had only two ice cream flavors: chocolate and coffee. Aside from slices of banana, it also had cornflakes and cubes of cake under the ice cream and cream. Not bad but very, very heavy.


at around 2 pm, I texted the HHs to ask if power was back. I also called both, neither answered despite husband’s stressing that they answer the phone when we call. Pasaway talaga. HHB said she was at the gate – she’s always there – waiting for someone to love? while HHA was cleaning the bathroom.

Sigh, when we were in the car, I got her text saying there was no power yet. Had she texted earlier, we could have killed more time in Megamall.

Power came back at 6:30 pm or was it 7? The street perpendicular to ours was flooded when a thunderstorm took place. Our garage floor was filled with water, with only one pump running. When the second pump was turned on, the water subsided. Whew. And to think, the rain lasted maybe an hour or an hour and a half?


7 thoughts on “Abe at Mega Fashion Hall and then some

  1. The pine nuts – 170 grams. Yes, I really like Uniqlo’s stuff – son could be a model of the brand sometimes – top to bottom, socks included, Uniqlo. Siguro if they sold shoes, he’d gt them also. But I guess there are no stout Japanese? So they don’t make for us. 😦 Another case in point, Muji. All their clothes do not fit the likes of me and husband. And I like them pa naman.

  2. We ❤ Abe! We also liked the baby squid. Cucido and crispy tadyang are also quite good, meat is super tender. Grilled tuna panga is mom's substitute for meat–the fish must be so huge that its texture is similar to that of beef and its bones are like…ribs? Baka nga beef yung nai-serve sa amin? 🙂 Juicy, too, not dry. Next time we'll try gising gising (Wow. People really change 😉 ). You didn't have kamaru and frog legs? Hehe.

  3. P600 plus – small pack only. I’ll check how many grams. I want to try to use it in stuffed bell pepper. Remember I made with risoni instead of rice before? I’d like to try with pine nuts. Not sure if Cyma’s has pine nuts, hahaha, baka risoni pala yun

  4. Too bad walang kasya sa Uniqlo — they have great-quality clothes at very reasonable prices pa naman…
    If I may ask, magkano pine nuts ngayon? Aside from pesto, san pa sya pwedeng isahog?

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