Remote-controlled aircon

A few days ago, the split type aircon refused to receive the signal from the hand-held remote control, no whisper of a sound when I pressed on, or any button for that matter. Not a peep. I was scared. Busted aircon? How much will the repair cost? Or worse, will I need to buy a replacement?

I calmed myself and changed the remote control’s battery. Still, nothing.

I was then in my wheelchair ready to leave. But I thought I’d try again. I went back to bed and pushed the RC’s button. Alleluia, the aircon went on.

SO, after having called VIrex for someone to check the aircon, I asked that they send someone who’d clean it instead as the aircon appeared to have regained consciousness.

The next day, the aircon people came. The aircon was okay, the remote was okay.

The technician said it was the sensor in the unit that was dirty, ergo it couldn’t receive any signal from the RC.

Sharing this story lest the same happen to you. Don’t panic. Pray the problem is as minor as a dirty sensor.


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