C-5 circa Sept 2014 (With traffic lights) and then some

For two straight nights now, travel from Makati to Loyola Heights has taken son just an hour and he credits it to the installation of traffic lights in C5 which MMDA under guess who had done away with and replaced with U-turns.

As of now, traffic lights in Katipunan have yet to be operational, and already the change’s effects in C5  have become palpable. Hooray.


Son came back from Cebu at past 12 midnight Monday and opted not to be fetched. He said he’d take a cab.

I waited up for him nonetheless and he told me there were no cabs available in Naia 3 at that time. He took an FX – he was the lone passenger – and paid P400 to Makati (Estrella area).

Told him to take Grab Taxi next time, which he failed to do Monday because his iPhone 3’s battery is not too efficient and was down to one bar by the time the plane landed.

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