Gallimaufry – hits and misses

In Facebook, a few weeks ago, someone posted a double chocolate zucchini bread recipe. I shared it in my wall and it elicited some comments from people who know I am averse to eating veggies. Not a good thing, I know, but…

Then I looked for it in my wall but couldn’t find it. Googled and found this recipe instead. Bought a zucchini and baked the bread. Shhh… thing is, I bought only one zucchini and the recipe called for two cups. Ergo, not enough. I was hoping it wouldn’t have an impact on the taste, the lack of zucchini, I mean, but it might have. While the taste of the bread is okay, it is a tad dry. Overbaked, possibly, but the exact amount of zucchini might have been the trick. One of these days…


Son went to Cebu over the weekend. He brought home 1/2 kilo of the regular pork belly and 1/2 k of the spicy version. Tonight we had the regular one and it tasted as though it were freshly bought! His source:

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 20.06.48


To go back to the bread, so it would be edible, I did an imitation of the banana split of Saint Marc: put a few cubes of it in a glass and topped this with ice cream and syrup. No bananas though. So it was okay though son liked it as is.



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