Small World

Some time back, maybe a year even, son texted me. He was in Cagayan de Oro then. He said, “Mama, asked Tita Fe if she’s in xxx resto now.” By the time Fe answered me, she had left the resto. Apparently, she was in the same resto where my son was. Sheer coincidence. My son was there for work.


Last weekend, I messaged my friend to ask for recommendations on places to visit in Cebu. The next day she answered. I thanked her saying son had been to all but one of her recommendations. The next day, she messaged me, saying she thinks she saw my son and his friends in the same resto where she was for lunch. See, I earlier mentioned that son would be with four girls.

I asked son where he was for lunch via text. True enough, he was in the same one where my friend though she saw him. Son has not seen my friend ever, and was amazed. I teased, “You cannot hide from me.” He said, “Oo nga e.”

The world is indeed small. Happily so, in most cases.

Here’s a song from one of my favorite musicals, music wise; no, not plot wise, it was rather boring. It’s about the world’s being a circle. Not exactly related to this post except for the word world? Pushing it, I know.



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