An Oriental themed dinner and Benadryl, and then some

Last Wednesday night, given that said, “Yung tom yum soup, sa S&R mo nabili” in reference to a box o packets of the soup, I thought, that would be good for dinner. And yes, I had bought the box in S&R.

SO I discussed dinner with HHA: tom yum soup (two packs, she said as one pack isn’t enough as no water is added to it) to which should be added shrimps and squid, mapo tofu (we had tofu on hand and ground beef – missing ingredient – green onions) and lastly, Bonchon chicken, honey citrus flavor. So we’d essential have sour, spicy, and sweet for dinner.

I found the recipe for the mapo tofu online but found it too soy-saucy. So am not sharing. The recipe, I think was healthy in the sense that part of it consisted of red rice – the mapo tofu to be served atop red rice, which we did.

When son got home, he was excited. And he had some moon cakes from a client. Everything fell into place, theme wise.

Then we began eating. I don’t recall which I was chewing on when somehow, I felt there was something amiss. I began to sense a hive on my forehead, then my cheek. I thought it would stop there. Then another on my upper arm, then my lower leg. I stopped eating and took Benadryl. Some 30 or so minutes later, the hives were gone.

Moral of the story: always have Benadryl on hand. I took a 50mg capsule.

Though there were leftovers from that dinner which logically I should have had for lunch the following day, I dared not. I had tuna sandwich instead.


I’m glad the week is almost over. Last Monday or was it Tuesday, I saw a small yellow dot on my upper eyelid. I thought putting medicine on it would arrest its growth. I also applied hot compress. But by yesterday, the lump had grown, the yellow remained a small dot. I consulted an ophthalmologist and a good friend whose children always had stye in the past. They prescribed the same medication; fucithalmic eye drops. Earlier before I asked them, I asked another friend who suggested plucking an eyelash. I did that. My sister does that too, but it didn’t work for me.

Last night I applied the eye drops for the first time. The lump has since been draining out pus (oops, sorry if you’re queasy). The pain has lessened considerably.



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