Jollibee – problematic still?

During the last two UAAP games husband watched here at home, Jollibee has been advertising avidly so much so that husband would say, “Wow, aloha burger.” Today, I thought his delayed gratification should be addressed so I called 87000. I was shocked, astounded, perplexed. The first time I called, girl asked which branch I was closest to. I said, “Katipunan.” She said, “Ma’am, sorry, walang Aloha burger dun. Meron bacon cheeseburger.” Advised husband of the situation and he said, “never mind.”

A few minutes elapsed. I asked if he didn’t want any other burger, we’d just put pineapple. He said, “Sige”. SO I called 87000 again. Husband said, “Try mo, baka may Aloha.” I did as I was bidden and the same answer, no Aloha burger. And the man who took my call added, “walang kahit anong burger.” I was shocked, astounded, puzzled. I recounted having called earlier and being told there was bacon cheeseburger. He excused himself and came back with the firm answer, no burger, absolutely.

So what gives? A few weeks ago, we thought the chicken problem was an offshoot of China’s chicken issue. But burgers? Aren’t they made of cows or carabaos? Problem still? So I guess, the systems issue is what’s bugging Jollibee?

Poor thing.

Jollibee’s loss was Brother’s Burger’s gain and my loss savings wise. BB costs an arm and a leg relative to Jollibee, but given the lack of a choice, BB it was. Yummy. But why so much veggies? With a long pickle yet?

Seriously, I like BB – the meat is flavorful and not dehydrated. It’s tender too.


On another note, this noon, I called the joint delivery number of Teriyaki Boy and Pancake House. Tried ordering son nigiri but was told it’s not in the delivery menu. The girl offered to give me TB Katipunan’s land line. So I called. And I wasn’t listening and began to order. The girl on the other end of the line said, “Ma’am, pancake house eto. Walang nigiri dito.” I think she had to say that twice before I was enligihtened. So I asked if she had the Katipunan branch number of TB. She said no. I googled and found it.

Shortly after, the lady from the delivery number of the two restos called to apologized about having given me the wrong number. How nice, right? Unfortunately, TB’s two land lines were kaput so I had to call its Sun cell number. 😦 I hate calling cell numbers – added expense. Plus the signal isn’t very good in our room. Stressful.


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