Finally, what I began April 2012 is finished. So we went to DMC at the basement of Building A of SM Megamall to have it framed. Cost: P3200 more or less, with 15% discount because of my Loyalty card, obtained at P50, I think? At least that’s how much I paid for the renewal card.


photo 1

As suggested by Jean of the store some months back, I soaked this in Perwoll for 5 minutes and hanged it to dry. The front isn’t perfect, the metallic threads (the golds and browns – the church, basically) being not flat in some instances, but I just rationalize it by saying the charm lies in its imperfection (euphemism for sloth in this case).

The work of this teacher who was there today, in fact, the back of his work which I mistook for the front, shames the front of mine. He has been at it for 17 years now, I was told. Look:

photo 2

I asked if he was in the habit of cutting the thread when a new color is in order, he said no. He just “hid” the thread. Me, I cross over. Shhh… A sister of mine who re-introduced me to cross-stitch works with several needles each with a different color, I worked with just one. And see the box in front of the project? It contains the threads wound around flat spools and labeled with their respective numbers. Mine is a mess. He had a small container of various hues, see the receptacle on the left. I asked what he did with these. He said he maid them into pin cushions, of which he showed me one. The very pin cushion also had a cross-stitched design. The epitome of industry, this man is. He works using a stand, an easel for sewing. He said in the past his arms would ache– a problem this easel has solved. It’s also available at the store, in two sizes, if I recall correctly.

No promise yet as to when I can claim my project. It will weigh a ton because of the glass cover. Incidentally, the price I quoted above is inclusive of the glass, which was quoted at P500 more or less.


Speaking of sewing, below is a photo of the flyer of the atelier of Tamara Tan. It says it all. I had a blouse altered, it looks like it wasn’t. So neatly done. For P300 only. I think it took a week.

photo 3


Had lunch at Abe again. C – I’m smitten. We got there around 12 pm, we were waitlisted, the 9th. When we returned an hour later, we were second in line and were seated not too long after. They didn’t have the cute squid so ordered gambas instead. I prefer the cute squid. Cheaper and tastier. I was actually tempted to order chicharon bulaklak but I was almost sure I might have to eat it alone, not that it would be a burden. Had gising gising again, son ordered laing, we also had the bamboo rice – quite good, and the knockout knuckles. Oh, also ordered husband’s favorite – balo-balo (fermented rice). I thought it would be served by itself but what do you know, it came with several leaves so one could eat it like a roll. I didn’t try it that way though. Oh yes, we had dessert: sikreto ni Maria. That’s suman and mango with fresh, melted carabao milk ice cream covering it (secret kasi). Sorry, no photos. Was too famished to bother.

There were 4 tables with birthday celebrants. I counted. Waiters sang to them, “Maligayang bati, sa inyong pagsilang, maligayang, maligayang, maligayang bati.” Then they’d shout “Happy Birthday.” One of the celebrations was in a function room isolated by sliding doors with stained windows. Very private. Saw kropek being brought in and asked if we’d be given too. Girl said she’d check but they may have run out. We never saw kropek on our table. 😦

Each time food was brought near us, I’d hope it was for us, but no, it was for the birthday party. Behind me was another table with lots of leftovers – the flying fish, adobo, I think, etc. I was so tempted to ask for some because at 1:30, my tummy was grumbling. Of course, I didn’t ask. I was just tempted.

Anz was so nice as usual. After I followed up with her, the food came soon after.

Incidentally, I had asked a waiter if ordering chicharon bulaklak would be quick. I said I’d like to order one. But I think he didn’t hear me because that never came, which was as well because the laing and gising gising came  soon after.

If veggies were cooked as deliciously as in Abe, I would eat veggies every day. Promise. But as they aren’t, then…

(Okay, I”m justifying my avoidance of greens… more often than not)


Ace Hardware – we went there to buy extension cord, a fountain for the sala, dog food. Success with the first, as for the second, they only had pumps. Dog food cost P825 for 20 kilos. Don’t remember the brand. But husband and son said the car was too far (Mega Fashion Hall parking building). SO when we got home, I told HHB to buy from Rustan’s instead. Hold your breath. For 7 kilos, the price was P700 plus.

I rest my case. Rustan’s – brand was Vita Pet Food Beef. Their Sure Buy variant – 20 kilos also go for P800 plus but such is currently unavailable. Has been for weeks now. 😦


4 thoughts on “Various

  1. Did you get one? You can just do it online, i.e., upload a picture and the output is the pattern with the numbers, pero, yeah, ikaw ang bibili ng paint. Go na. I’ve always thought of doing one (paint by numbers). May picture kasi si TheHusband and si S na gusto kong i-render as painting. Let’s do this and motivate each other? 🙂

    • I don’t paint well, the last time was in grade school siguro, yung mga coloring books where there’s color, you just wet the paintbrush with water. Don’t have the confidence – I’m sure the paint will go beyond the outline of whatever picture I try to paint.Dapat yung malaki ang drawing, not too many details, hahaha. SO no, I didn’t get any.

    • Wow, how I wish it were a painting. In the past, I wish I knew how because to my mind, painting on an empty canvas would be quicker than sewing x’s on it. Yesterday, I saw a paint by numbers coloring book and actually thought of getting myself one. Labo no? Kakahiya…

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