A Vertiginous Experience

Dealing with Globe is such a one if you are the type that wants the best deal and asks a lot of questions. I am afraid I am.

Yesterday, realizing that my contract with Globe ends this month, I thought to ask what reward I could get for my loyalty, etc.

Spoke with Nathan. He was very thorough and patient, except that the recontracting form he promised to send, I never got. In the meantime, while mulling over whether I was really getting a good deal (I opted to get iPHone 5C, 24 months lock-up for a cash out of P4800 under my existing plan P1799 – that’s unlisurf (yes, it’s still available but only for renewals of old plans), 2 numbers free unli talk and text, 10 minutes of calls and 200 text messages– I thought to call again, wondering what my REWARD really is about under the new contract.

When I called, feigning to be a new customer, I learned they also offer iPHone 5C at P4800 with a 24-month lock-up period, iPhone 5S with a 30-month lock up period for something like P5000, etc. – for the 16 gig phone. For the 32 gig iPHone 5C, lock up of 30 months, cashout is P5k. Or so I gathered.

I realized they seemed to be treating new subscribers more favorably than old/renewing ones, so I called as myself and pointed this out. I realized that for a 30 month lock up period, I could get a 5S for P4800 also, recontracting.

I felt so “cheated” I decided to cancel my original request as I wanted a 5S at P4800 rather than P9k plus under 24 months lock up.

Maui filed a request for cancellation of my first request, warning me the processing would take place within 48 hours.

But my middle name is K, for kulit. So I called I think 3 times today to ask if the cancellation had taken place. ON my third call, Bonnett answered. She told me there was a chance my phone would still be delivered tomorrow as there was an airway bill already, despite my request for cancellation last night. I explained how cheated I felt and wanted the 5S with 30 month lockup.

She said fine and proceeded to tell me that in so doing my P1799 unlisurf plus other chosen freebies would become moot as under the P1799 plan I have, the prescribed lockup available is just 24 months!

What to do? I again had my original request reinstated – 5C, 24 months lockup. I don’t want to pay P9k plus for a 5S, and neither do I want to forfeit my unlisurf which is so stress free.

I also asked Bonnett to send my recontracting form by email asap so I can authorize HHA to receive the phone in case I’m out when it’s delivered.

SO there. Vertiginous, right?

Globe, oh my Globe… it’s a happy thing I have to deal with you only once every two years (knock on wood it doesn’t get more frequent than that).

Incidentally, I saw a Globe Care plan in the contract: it’s a P199 fee additional that will entitle you to a replacement phone if you lose or break your unit.

Not getting that.

(In case you’re wondering why I am even getting a 5C when my 4S is still okay –

son has a 3G phone and it’s battery runs out so quickly, he gets stressed. He’s waiting for iPHone 6 to be sold locally. But when? SO i’ll turn over my 4S to him as soon as my 5C comes to facilitate tracking of him without calling or texting him. (IPhone has a Find your friends feature).

Another thing: 5C has LTE which is supposed to make surfing a faster experience.




2 thoughts on “A Vertiginous Experience

  1. Grabe talaga, their plans are so complex, their offers for loyal customers are similar to those for new ones, nakakalowka talaga. Sabi ni husband different teams must be preparing plans for old customers and new customers, so they’re not aware about the repercussions. Parang they just how they’re not found out…?

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