Reinventing a dish

I am not sure the title of this post encapsulates what I did, so let me explain.

The other morning, son said the chorizo was salty. I was curious what brand it was or where I had bought it. My sources of chorizo/longganiza range from Rustan’s, to Blue Kitchen, to Epicurious, to Bacchus Epicerie(?) etc. I asked HHA what the brand was and she brought me the packaging it came in: Epicurious. And it was a Spanish chorizo which would not have appeared salty were it served as tapas rather than for breakfast.

With that in mind, I decided to use the leftover chorizo (she cooked the entire pack costing P200 plus, which I found expensive for breakfast) for some other dish.

This morning, I asked HHA what was in the freezer – chicken, pork or beef? She said beef. I know why: at Rustan’s I had bought a pack of buy 1kilo, get 500g more. So I looked for a recipe. Not Korean beef stew, not in a long while. The last time we had that, husband and son barely touched it. then I recalled ALmon Marina’s Spanish beef stew and the chicken pochero recipe I saw in Facebook.

I saw a few recipes but wasn’t too enthused by the photos – so unappetizing looking. Then I saw a photo that I liked and saw it was by Del Monte:

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 19.48.00

Clicked on it and found the recipe here.

Very few ingredients, very simple procedure.

Had HHA prepare it in the slow cooker so it would be tender. After trying a little of it, found it a bit bland. HHA said she’d add salt, but I said to add cheese, 1/4 c. And we also added 1 tbsp of Lea & Perrins. Or was it 1 tsp? I forget.

The dish was good, the chorizo’s saltiness was obscured.

Yummy. Though I must admit the pechay leaves aren’t as green as in the picture. HHA put it in too early.


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