Globe, oh my globe.

This morning, left at 10:40. With HHA I entrusted my recontracting letter for Globe, 2 IDs, photocopies of the same and her two IDs so she could receive the phone i ordered.

Twice I called her while I was out, still no delivery. When I got home at 5:10, she said no delivery had been made still. So I called 730-1000 to follow up. And to cut long story short, the one who took my call said a delivery attempt had been made but was refused. Whaaat?

HHA insisted no delivery had been made. When I asked Globe girl what time the thing was delivered and who refused the same, she could provide neither info. INstead she suggested I check their website. This was what I saw, which was exactly what she had told me:
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 17.42.23

It doesn’t say much, right? And then she said “before we end this call, may I know if you’re satisfied with the way I handled your call?” I pitied her – that she had to ask that. I pitied her even more because I couldn’t lie. I said “No.”

So what bewildered me? Her final question. My answer disappointed me … I wanted to say yes badly, but then why should I?

So now the wait continues.

Sigh, GLobe.

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